In-depth view into all corners of the vehicle


Are you an antique car enthusiast? Or does your heart beat for a sporty new body that you’ve procured? The new vehicles are, or course, better coated and appropriately protected against weathering. Nevertheless, the slogan for classic/antique cars and new models alike is: Eyes open! There is a particular risk of rust forming in the concealed corners of the body. And the consequences can be very expensive. So it’s worth having a Trotec videoscope in your home or garage. These high-quality devices do not only allow you to detect deficiencies in concealed areas of the body. You can also take a close look inside the bonnet of your vehicle without getting a crick in your neck. A videoscope is not just practical, but it saves the pennies, too. We are happy to tell you how it works.

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View into concealed corners


What don’t we do to protect our car from damage? Inspections, repairs and high-quality maintenance are on the agenda for protecting the vehicle so that we can benefit from and enjoy the vehicle in the long-term. But, as the common expression goes, the devil is in the detail. Even in your car. There are often damages in concealed points of the body or the engine. Rust, fragile connections and missing seals are not identifiable when looking from the outside. And before we know it, greater damage is done, which not only puts the vehicle out of commission for a prolonged period, but may also cost a lot to repair. With the BO21 Videoscope from Trotec, you can take a detailed look into the concealed corners of the body and thus identify and rectify deficiencies at an early stage. Simple, practical, Trotec!

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NEW VSC3008 Industrial Videoscope. It’s finally here!


It’s not often that the wait has been worth it so much: effective immediately, the new professional top model among our industrial videoscopes can be delivered! This simultaneously light and compact system makes indirect visual examinations almost as easy as child’s play: its weight goes virtually unnoticed, its probe is bendable to all sides and its camera head allows for perfect panoramic views.

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NEW VSC206 Industrial Videoscope can be supplied immediately!


Good news, according to the saying, rarely comes alone. Here are three examples all at once: Firstly: Thanks to our amazingly organised production department, the new VSC206 Videoscope is already available this week and not – as originally announced – in week 42. Secondly: You can have this new instrument in just a few days. And thirdly: Our pre-order special offer will continue to run until week 42!

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See what no one else can see: with the mini videoscope BO25


In the tiniest pipe, in the smallest corner and in hardly visible spots nothing can hide from the mini videoscope BO25. With its robust videoscope probe with waterproof camera head you can look through narrow openings into walls to check the cable course or in wastewater pipes to find the cause for a clogging. In many respects that convenient measuring instrument will make your life easier!

The mini videoscope BO25 is the ideal device for optical inspections in hard to reach places. The semi-flexible gooseneck probe can easily be led through bottlenecks like narrow pipes or wall openings and allows one to see even hidden corners. Even in water pipes inspections can be made because the camera head is water proof and has protection class IP67. Read More

New in the MultiMeasure Basic-series: BO25 mini videoscope

The brand-new BO25 mini videoscope is yet another cutting-edge measuring tool for optical inspection in the industry, on construction sites and many more services where a compact video endoscope is needed.

Sitting nicely in the hand a BO25 is not only suitable for checking small pipes and cavities but also for inspecting engines and hard-to-reach areas in floorings or walls.

Even if the location is badly illuminated the videoscopes 4 LED illumination guarantees to detect nearly every crack in ducts or similar. There are also useful accessories included in the scope of supply to make the use much easier.

Click here to get more detailed information on the BO25 mini videoscope.

New product: BO20 all-purpose video inspector

The BO20 is a state-of-the-art video inspector designed for quick and simple optical inspections. Equipped with a flexible swan-neck probe with an integrated waterproof camera and a 4 x 90° image inverter function you can even easily inspect hard-to-reach areas. Illuminate dark pipes and cavities thanks to four built-in high-power LEDs and visualize whether cloggings or cracks are hiding inside.

See more benefits of a BO20 video inspector at a glance:

  • focal range of 50 to 150 mm
  • 3.0 inch LCD with 320 x 240 pixels
  • video out interface (composite video)
  • useful accessories like a magnet attachment, side-view mirror and hook

Don’t hesitate to get more information on this high-quality measuring tool of the proven MultiMeasure Basic-Series and convince yourself of yet another grade A
price-performance ratio by Trotec.

Follow the link below for further information on the BO20 video inspector.

Order a BO20 video inspector quick and easy online.

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