TC100 heat stress measuring device – records the heat stress on sports grounds

Even on hot days, there’s no time for a break on the playing field. A competitive athlete’s daily training schedule leaves no time for interruptions; tournament schedules are planned months in advance. Heat be damned! But there is a threat of heat stress, which can involve symptoms ranging from an uncomfortable heat rash to life-threatening heat stroke. To protect against this you can use the TC100 heat stress measuring device: It records the heat load on hot playing fields as well as in industrial workplaces.

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NEW BZ07 Thermohygrometer Weather station – the indoor climate station with convenient well-being indicator

At a glance, the timelessly elegant BZ07 Thermohygrometer shows all the relevant values that are responsible for creating an optimal indoor climate. In addition to the indoor temperature and the relative humidity, there is also a feel-good indicator with three different climate levels, as well as the weather trend indicator. And thanks to the practical and easy-to-read displays for the day of the week, the date, the time and an alarm clock with a snooze function, you are always right on time.

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NEW BZ06 Thermohygrometer – the indoor climate station with stylish transparent LCD

Finally an indoor climate station that not only promises an overview of all the relevant temperature data, but also guarantees a crystal-clear view. That’s provided on the one hand by the simultaneous display of the weather trend, time, date, room temperature and air humidity, and on the other by the stylish transparent LCD, which excites its users day after day. The integrated alarm, with a snooze function of course, rounds off the features of the both elegant and practical BZ06 thermohygrometer.

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NEW BZ15M thermohygrometer – for monitoring a healthy living climate

What many don’t know: In winter, the relative humidity of a 20 °C room should not exceed 40-50 % in order to avoid the growth of harmful mould. In cases like this, the humidity can be lowered through consistent airing, providing one is aware of the danger in the first place. From now on, the new BZ15M Living Climate Hygrometer will take care of it – it shows the optimal indoor climate values in an easy-to-read and understandable manner.

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The new TAC 4700 X with a huge cooling capacity

PAC 4700 X

Trotec sets innovative standarts again: The new monobloc Air conditioner PAC 4700 X puts forward with a huge cooling performance – as a mobile device which is applicable everywhere. In addition, the PAC 4700 X offers more highly interesting extras to a cool price of only 499.95 €.

With its huge cooling capacity of up to 4.7 kw the Air Conditioner PAC 4700 X is designed to cool down fast rooms with a size up to 115 m³. At the same time it ensures a pleasant room climate, because it filters and dehumidifies the air. Furthermore at operating mode “ventilate” it offers the possibility to circulate the air without cooling it. Read More

Pleasant feel good climate with the new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500


Cool technology for a hot summer! From calendar week 23 our new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will be available. Using this device you take care of pleasant coolness at home, in workshops, hotel rooms, offices, server rooms or during trade fair construction – for only 399.01 Euro in our deal offer.

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AirLock 100 – one solution for pleasant climate and mosquito repellent

Hard-wearing, water-repellent and easy to assemble

Do you know the feeling when you can’t sleep in a summer night because it is still so hot in the bedroom? When you open the window to provide ventilation quickly mosquitos come into your room and don’t let you sleep although it is comfortably cool now. An air conditioner is a suitable solution but what to do with the warm exhaust air the device emits? When you put a hose through an open window there, again, is the mosquito problem.

Actually, the solution is pretty simple. The AirLock 100 window sealing fits all normal window constructions with a maximum perimeter of 400 cm. Regardless whether they are small, large, pivot-hung windows or skylights, the translucent, hard-wearing and water-repellent sealing can simply be brought in place between the window and the window frame to regulate the air exchange.
A flexible venting hose reliably transports the warm air is reliably to the outside and remains on the outside. Even noises from the outside are much more muffled and less penetrating that you can sleep much better.

An ideal solution not only for summer nights

The AirLock 100 window sealing not only holds insects outside but also avoids that, for example, your cat gets stuck in a tilted window.
Of course, the sealing is not just suitable for air conditioners. You can use it through the whole year, for instance for ventilation dryers (laundry dryers) or dehumidifiers and when it gets too cold inside or when you have to leave the house you can close the windows without taking down the AirLock 100 after removing the venting hose.

Mould. Don’t let it come to this.

mould detecting dogsMould.

Mould doesn’t just look awful (the ugly blotches and dark stains that can cover whole walls are often the result of excess moisture caused either by high humidity levels, thermal bridges, poor insulation, cold walls or water damage).

And it doesn’t just smell awful (who could ever forget that biting stench that hits you when you enter a room where mould has been festering unnoticed for some time in concealed corners or cavities or behind tiles, panelling or dry walls or ceilings?).

And it doesn’t just cause you to catch your breath when you are unwittingly confronted with the dank, earthy odour that causes your eyes to sting and your senses to reel.

Mould is dangerous. It can not only cause wood, for example furniture and even the structure of buildings to rot and decay, it can also cause paper and leather to stain and weaken and it can damage goods, books, fabrics and prized possessions beyond repair.

But worse still it can trigger allergic reactions, cause severe skin, respiratory and other health problems – and it can kill.

This is why some countries, particularly the UK, the US, Canada and Germany, have taken a new approach to tackling this widespread problem and have started to use so-called sniffer dogs, dogs that have been specially trained to not only sniff out drug caches, explosives, contraband and stashed away cash, but also to sniff out mould! Read More

Bookworms Beware!

the right humidity level for books

A good book is more than just a good read (If you find that the book you’re reading is a bad book, then put it down – no, better still toss it aside, because that’s the treatment it deserves. Like a telenovela or a corked wine which do not get any better the longer you watch it or the more you drink of it a bad book does not improve with reading).

A good book is a door to another world. A world sometimes so magical, so enthralling and so different to our own that we cannot wait to pick it up again and eagerly read on, plunging deeper and deeper, losing ourselves in its pages or picking our way meticulously through the weaving narrative or plot. A book can mesmerise and charm you, or it can captivate and revolt you. It can change your life forever or become a warm memory and an old friend. Books can be beautifully written, beautifully bound and beautifully illustrated. They can be inspiring or disheartening; they can be so funny and so sad that they make you cry. Books are mirrors of society and mirrors of souls. And they are proof of the power of the written word.

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The Comeback Of Genuine Wooden Furniture

Wooden Dining-Room TableIf you start thinking way back you can certainly remember the old, dark and bulky wooden furniture which dominated lots of the living rooms of the generation of our grandparents or even parents. Usually they were used to accommodate the exclusive china set, the crystal glasses or the sterling cutlery. Unfortunately, these pieces of furniture often turned the living-room into a dark and rather unwelcoming place and the younger generation just thought they were hideous!

Especially after the second world war, during the time of the economic boom such heavy wooden furniture was very popular. It satisfied the need for security, tradition and coziness. Besides, it was a way to express the pride of having overcome the time of austerity after the war. Nevertheless, roughly since the 1990s, there emerged a counterculture which supported interior trends determined by a lot of glass, chrome and straight-lined design. Furniture made of natural materials like wood, cork or felt were labeled as old-fashioned and unhip.

However, during the last couple of years a new movement has started which implies more naturalness and comfort concerning furniture and interior trends. This new interior concept was also presented at the international furnishing show, IMM Cologne, which took place in January 2011. Due to the climate change people tend to once again set a high value on the use of ecological materials that are not treated with toxic paint or other surface coatings. The new interior trends 2011 have melodic names like “Emotional Austerity” or “Re-Balancing” and they all focus on sustainable and natural materials, modern design and state-of-the-art technology.

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