Knock-down price: Pyrometer TP10 – almost 44% off due to follow-up model!

Better is the enemy of good. Even the current top professional pyrometer TP10 will soon have to give up its leading position to an innovative follow-up model. And that’s good news for you, since we are now offering our “Current no.1” for nearly 44% less. The top-class quality pyrometer combines precise measuring technology with numerous demanding measurement functions and, thanks to our knock-down price, will be an absolute exceptional bargain. Get yours!

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Trotec adviser: These tips will help drivers to breeze through the summer heat

Things are getting hotter from day to day and temperatures of upwards of 30 degrees are now considered ‘normal’ rather than the exception. Drivers should therefore be particularly well prepared for any outing, as the summer heat can become a hazard. If your car is left in the blazing sun for a longer period of time, for example, the temperature inside can quickly get to sauna levels – at which point the thermometer can climb to over 60 degrees. Our tips will keep you cool even while driving…

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NEW TC100 heat stress measuring device – no other alternative for hot workplaces!

Heat stress! It’s not just a problem for workers around the furnace, when they’re tapping liquid iron at 1,000 degrees Celsius. Heat stress is also problematic for competitive athletes and at sporting events, since increasing heat reduces physical performance. To guard against that you can use the TC100 heat stress measuring device: It records the heat stress in the hot workplace or on the sports field with quick reactions – accurately and conforming to standards of the WBGT, or Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index.

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NEW – BB30 Layer thickness measuring device- for the professional measurement of car paint

Oops! That section has been painted very thinly! Or has it been too thickly painted to cover smoothing work? With our new BB30 hand measuring device, it’s easy for the pros to get back on track: Regardless of whether for use in the automobile sector, for layer thickness measurement of hand rail and boat paintwork or for checking enamellings – in all of these scenarios and more you will be able to determine the exact thickness of non-magnetic coatings with our new measuring device.

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NEW – BE15 Voltage detector – with two sensitivity levels of 200 V and 24 V

The BE15 is a mains tester, that enables the contact-free and fast detection of AC voltages at two selectable sensitivity levels of 200 V and 24 V. This way, the voltage detector makes it possible to quickly find the source of not only breakages in open cables, such as cable drums or fairy lights, but in all live conductors. Great for quick testing, the device belongs in the toolboxes of all home improvers and workmen.

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NEW BW05 brake fluid tester – threat of break failure at 3 % water content!

Brake fluid is hygroscopic – although it is located in a closed circuit system, it absorbs water from the air humidity. Only in low amounts, but continuously, the fluid is sneakily diluted.This is a life-threatening process! And avoidable with the BW05 brake fluid tester – with the measuring device you can quickly and precisely check the water content in the brake fluid of vehicles bothin the car repair shop and at home in the garage

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Sound level measuring device SL400 – available again!

Professional documentation of machine and environmental noise, workplace measurements as well as expert assessments – the sound level measuring device is excellently equipped for these jobs and more. The class 2 phonometer possesses a data logger function including analysis software and the ISO calibration certificate. Since it is exceptionally affordable for a measuring device of this class, in recent months it has very much been in demand – but starting immediately, the SL400 is available again.

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NEW BG40 gas detector – available again!

The new compact BG40 gas detector closes a sensitive security gap in handling gases such as natural gas, methane, ethane and propane. This is because the consistent use of the gas detector when carrying out leak tests prevents possible accidents arising from leaks of combustible gases with almost absolute certainty. Due to the high demand for the indispensable security tool, its production needs to be repeated – starting immediately, the gas alarm device is once again available.

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New Adviser-Series ‘Bad Air Makes You Ill.’

air conditioning

Although we all know how good unused and fresh air is for us, we make the same mistakes again and again: We sit behind closed doors, in stuffy, overheated air, or moist cold draughts, bravely ignoring any food odours as well as the other mould stain, and then wonder about our headaches. Therefore, our new Adviser-Series is all about clean air at home and at the office – because bad air makes you ill!

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New! BD25 Laser Distance Meter – Laser precision up to 100 metres


Whatever happened to the days, when you had to waste your time under tables or in the most difficult corners with a yardstick and a ruler? They are over! Well and truly over! This is what all those people, who remember having sore knees and fumbling around with a ruler in their left hand and a pen and paper in their right hand, will say now – thanks to the ultimate BD25 Laser Distance Meter and its ability to measure with laser-precision in just a matter of seconds.

Here’s how it works

As each function and setting has its own button, the Laser Distance meter is really easy to use. For example, at a touch of a button you can determine distances up to 100 metres or calculate areas and volumes – even in places hard to reach. Read More