Reliable microwave radiation measurement with the BR15


Not only microwave ovens cause microwave radiation! Often we forget other dangers which can, according to some expert’s opinion, harm our health. For example our well beloved smart phone, WLAN, Bluetooth, wireless video systems and even remote controls and cordless telephones. With the BR15 microwave radiation measuring device you reliably find radiation sources and take care of your health.

Electrical devices are an inherent part of our modern society. Finally, such small helpers like remote controls and cordless phones make our life much easier. At home as well as in the office we are often surrounded by electric smog for several hours and, thus, directly exposed to radiation. As rule of thumb you can bear in mind that all wireless electrical devices emit radiation. Even in our free time we cannot escape from it because even theft surveillance systems in shops work with microwaves.

With the BR15 microwave radiation measuring device you quickly and reliably determine where radiation comes from or how strong it is. For though in Germany the statutory fixed limiting value of 5mW/cm² may not be exceeded, many people next to transmitter masts complain of headache or tiredness. In such a case the BR15 microwave radiation measuring device quickly and reliably tells you if the limiting value in your environment is really kept. When exceeding the BR15 warns you with an acoustic alarm and a warning indication on the display. Additionally, with the handy measuring instrument you can not only determine the current radiation value but also exactly locate the radiation source.
With that you can avoid unnecessary radiation.
The BR15 microwave radiation measuring device is available for the cheap price of £ 25.70 in the Trotec shop.

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