BD21 Distance Meter – back in stock!

Professional handymen are just as well equipped with this BD21 laser distance meter indoors as on construction sites. The device measures distances, areas and volumes easily in a matter of seconds. Best of all: The BD21 ends inconvenient handling with yardsticks, pencils and spirit levels – and also scores points with its large display, now with even easier to read inverse white numbers.

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NEW BD16 distance meter – measurement of distances, surfaces, volumes using lasers

The easy-to-handle precision tool for the passionate do-it-yourselfer who wants to comfortably and quickly determine the exact dimensions of distances, surfaces and volumes at the press of a button even in hard-to-reach places – the new BD16 distance meter. They profit from flawless results and optimally calculate the required materials like paint, parquet or tiles.

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NEW Disto™ D2 laser distance measuring device – with Bluetooth smart technology

The Bluetooth smart interface is the ideal shortcut for architects and planners: Transfer your measurement data directly to your smartphone or tablet from our new Disto™ D2 professional laser distance measuring device and provide ground plans and sketches with precise measurements right away. With this function and others of high interest, the compact Disto™ D2 offers the perfect solution for professional operators such as estate agents, kitchen designers and tilers.

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NEW BD21 laser distance meter – with 90° tilt sensor!


Introducing a laser measuring device much loved by professional handymen. With the robust BD21 laser distance meter, you are just as well equipped indoors as on the construction site. You can easily measure distances, areas and volumes, including indirect measurements around obstacles in a matter of seconds. Our new laser distance meter not only puts an end to fiddling around with a measuring stick, pen and paper, but it also renders the conventional spirit level unnecessary!

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New BD26 distance meter – finally available!


“Super precise and super easy to handle!” is the – highly valued – verdict of those architects and planners who were already able to get their hands on our new laser distance meter over the past few weeks and test them on a trial basis. The compact measuring device is now finally available and will also ensure a huge reduction in work load for the construction experts who order the BD26 with 90° tilt sensor for laser distance measurements now.

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NEW BD26 Distance meter – 90° tilt sensor for laser distance measurements


Architects and planners are quite right to trust the professional laser precision from Trotec. With our new handy and robust laser distance meters such as the new BD26, you can measure every nook and cranny quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the BD26 is equipped with an extensive range of functions which reduce complicated calculations – and it is very ease to operate, just like all of our models.

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Summer Renovations – The Extended Trotec Series 1/4

Spring Renovations

Before the summer finally sets in, we still have two or three weeks to complete any refurbishment work and get our houses and apartments into shipshape.

That’s why, as part of out big four-part aeries, Trotec is showing you how to refurbish your home anew and get things set up nice and comfortably. This is worth doing this so that, regardless of whether you’ll soon be travelling away on holiday or spending your time off on staycation, a more beautiful home will await you.

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NEW! BD20 distance meter – including area calculation

BD20 Distance Meter

Any professional or handyman who is still using a metre stick or measuring tape can save themselves a whole lot of unnecessary work. That’s because starting this week, our innovative distance meter BD20 is finally available to order – and with it whole new dimensions open up. Within seconds this laser device determines exact distances and calculates areas and volumes…

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New! BD25 Laser Distance Meter – Laser precision up to 100 metres


Whatever happened to the days, when you had to waste your time under tables or in the most difficult corners with a yardstick and a ruler? They are over! Well and truly over! This is what all those people, who remember having sore knees and fumbling around with a ruler in their left hand and a pen and paper in their right hand, will say now – thanks to the ultimate BD25 Laser Distance Meter and its ability to measure with laser-precision in just a matter of seconds.

Here’s how it works

As each function and setting has its own button, the Laser Distance meter is really easy to use. For example, at a touch of a button you can determine distances up to 100 metres or calculate areas and volumes – even in places hard to reach. Read More

Trotec distance measuring is our special offer


Measuring with a yardstick was yesterday. Forget about folding or rolling in and out a measuring tape circumstantially. With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 of the MultiMeasure Basic series you can measure even in the smallest and closely corners and niches quickly and accurately. From now on we provide you both devices for a special offer. Get it now!

With the Laser Distance Meters BD10 and BD15 even the smallest errors in measurement belong to the past. You determine accurately the distance between two points. You can even calculate how many tiles you will need for the floor in your living room or how much wallpaper you need to buy for the wall in the children’s room. Read More