Top Deal: Nice prices for the dehumidifier TTK 50 E


Reliably dry for a favourable price. The dehumidifier TTK 50 E removes moisture in rooms up to 31 m² – for a small price. With a little patience you will get it even cheaper. Because when you order now but wait till 30 June, there will be 10 Euro discount once more on the advertising price and you only pay 139.24 Euro.

Besides its reliability, the dehumidifier TTK 50 E convinces through his functionality. Therefore it has been technically reduced to the basics. For a fast handling you don’t have to study the instruction manual for long. You can start dehumidifying immediately. Thanks to the hygrostat-controlled dehumidification, once you entered the desired settings the device works independently and switches on as soon as the room humidity will be exceeded.

Rapid transport, extremely versatile

Equipped with a long-life rotary compressor you can use the TTK 50 E for non-stop-dehumidification in small heated cellars, living and workrooms. It dehumidifies up to 16 litres in 24 hours with an air circulation of 100 m³ per hour. The connection for an extern condensate drain allows a permanent dehumidification. With carrying handles located on the side of the device and steering wheels the transport is quick and easy.

TÜV confirms quality of the dehumidifier

In order of nothing can happen while unattended use, the dehumidifier TTK 50 E disposes about an overflow protection with auto power off. Additionally a filling level warning lamp shows a full water tank. The air filter is easy to access and filters animal hair, fluff and dust. It prevents the spread of bacteria at the same time so it is suitable for a person suffering from allergy. Last but not least the TÜV approved security and the GS certificate guarantee tested safety.

Ordering now, waiting and saving. From 30 June we send to you your new dehumidifier TTK 50 E. For only 139.24 Euro!

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