Pleasant feel good climate with the new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500


Cool technology for a hot summer! From calendar week 23 our new mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will be available. Using this device you take care of pleasant coolness at home, in workshops, hotel rooms, offices, server rooms or during trade fair construction – for only 399.01 Euro in our deal offer.

Order now and in the beginning of June you get the new PAC 3500 for a deal price of only 399.01 Euro (more than 30 Euro discount). Then you can just switch it on and enjoy refreshing coolness because the mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 will offer you a pleasant climate. The 3.5 kW strong device with automatic temperature regulation via a digital thermostat is perfectly suitable for the economic air conditioning of different rooms. Furthermore, the Monoblock system is an ideal spot cooler which, additionally, filters the sucked in air, dehumidifies it and guides it back to the room. The warm air can be led outside through a 1.25 m long, flexible exhaust air hose.
With three fan stages and a maximum air flow rate of 324 m²/h the device is suitable for rooms up to 115 m³. Its timer function for on and off times turns the air conditioner on before you arrive to cool down the room early enough.

Of course, for an even more efficient cooling you can adjust the discharge direction. To clean the air filter you quickly and easily can remove it. The mobile air conditioner PAC 3500 can also be controlled using the IR remote control. On the digital display you can always see the current adjustment.

To only discharge warm air and to prevent that annoying mosquitos or other insects get through the open window we recommend the AirLock 100 Window Sealing. It is mounted quickly on every window and prevents that the cool air can get out.

In June it surely will not only be hot because of the FIFA World Cup. Therefore, buy the new PAC 3500 now. It is available for only 399.01 Euro in the Trotec shop.

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