TTK 122 E dehumidifier: just as powerful as it looks – and finally available again

Its high dehumidification rate, sturdy housing made from stainless steel, high-quality hot air defrosting system – these are the outstanding practical advantages that make the handy TTK 122 E dehumidifier highly sought after among specialist drying equipment in the renovation sector. Add to this the automatic hygrostat-controlled system, the SuperDry function and the unbeatable Trotec price – and you know why the dehumidifier sold out. And why it’s finally available again …

Even though it would be a shame for its striking appearance: You can also use the TTK 122 E dehumidifier in unheated basements or storage rooms to dehumidify these places and keep them dry. This is because the hot air defrosting system in this condensation dryer does away with the need for defrosting periods dependent on time intervals without dehumidification – in contrast to ‘normal’ electronic defrosting appliances. In the temperature range from 5 to 15 °C, you can benefit from up to 30 % higher dehumidification capacity – with the same compressor output or same kW power.

The benefits for you at a glance – the TTK 122 E dehumidifier…

  • stands out with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 40 litres per day, making it suitable for rooms with an area of around 140 m².
  • features an automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification mode with real-value humidity selection, allowing you to enter the desired air humidity value directly via the digital display.
  • saves energy after the moisture level has been reached as the hygrostat control automatically switches the unit off and on again as soon as the value increases again.
  • visualises the current values of the air temperature and air humidity prevailing in the room on its display for climate control during operation too.
  • comes with a particularly handy SuperDry function to make textile drying faster, for instance quickly dehumidifying wet laundry, clothing or carpets.
  • includes among its standard features a filling level warning light for when the water tank is full, overflow protection with auto-off function as well as a reusable, easy-to-clean air filter.
  • is ideally suitable for unattended unmonitored long-term drying – such as keeping weekend cottages dry or applications on concrete. The TTK 122 E is equipped with an integrated hose connection for this, including the hose needed here for directly draining the condensate.
  • can be transported easy: thanks to its robust stainless steel housing, swivel casters with rubber tyres and bar handles on both sides, the convenient dehumidifier is the perfect choice for frequently changing locations on building sites or for drying out after water damage.

Four of many advantages I particularly like:

  • The professional hot air defrosting system
  • The high dehumidification performance even in unheated rooms
  • The automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification operation with target humidity selection
  • The SuperDry function to accelerate drying textiles

TTK 122 E dehumidifier: – Brand quality from Trotec

Order the TTK 122 E Dehumidifier today at our current sale price for just £349.30 instead of £781.40 but instead (including VAT) – now in the Trotec Shop!

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