The TTK 75 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

TTK 75 E Dehumidifier

It has been out of stock for a long, long time, but now it’s back – the  TTK 75 E dehumidifier. And it is as popular as ever, with its compactness, impressive performance, ease of use and quietness. The unit still runs discreetly in the background and remains unbeatable value. We say, “Welcome back on board, TTK 75 E!”

The great thing about the TTK 75 E is, simply, its quality. For its fan, powerful yet particularly quiet, feeds huge amounts of air to the condenser to be dehumidified. The unit is the ideal solution for any spacious interior area since, with a daily dehumidification capacity of 20 litres, they easily keep residential and office areas, sanitary facilities or heated basements of up to 45 m² dry.

This is how it works

The TTK 75 E works on very simple principles. You just turn the integrated hygrostat to select the humidity you require. Once this level is reached, the compressor switches off automatically . But if the level is exceeded, the dehumidifier automatically switches back on. This automatic hygrostat-based dehumidification provides the ideal humidity in the areas concerned, while at the same time saving energy.

The TTK 75 E can, of course, also be set to
run uninterrupted. It can also be left to run uninterrupted and unsupervised, since the condensate can be drained using an integrated, external hose.  So, for example, you can monitor and regulate the humidity in your holiday home without constantly checking the unit. And if you are actually present, the tank level indicator will tell you if the water container needs to be emptied, and the overfill protection, with auto shut-off, will ensure that there is no disaster, even in the worst case.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification
  • the excellent circulating air-dehumidification performance ratio
  • it is exceptionally quiet
  • it is very easy to use

The clock on this terrific price-performance offer is ticking down very quickly …

So why not order the TTK 75 E today, reduced from £ 170.81 to just £ 100.91 incl. VAT. – available now in our Trotec shop!

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