Always ready for dispatch

Dehumidifier DH 60 AX

The time after one operation is the time before the next. Nowhere is this more true more than for the fire brigade and civil relief agencies. After extinguishing fires and mounting rescue operations, protective clothing, equipment and devices have to be stored cleanly and safely. In doing so, these items have to be kept reliably dry. This is because moist material doesn’t just pose a health threat for emergency services.

These materials suffer particularly badly under moist conditions and, in the worst of cases, can be rendered unusable. This is where the high-performance DH series condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec come in. Fast and completely reliable so that you can carry out your next operation safely and without any issues.

Always ready for dispatch

Saving, rescuing, extinguishing, protecting: The motto of Germany’s fire brigades is also their job description, listing the tasks that these voluntary and full-time men and women do for the public. Members of Germany’s Technical Relief Agency (THW) are also always on the scene when things get dicey and people need help.  It’s easy to understand how these workers rely on flawless protective clothing and properly functioning devices so that they can work for the welfare of others as best they can. Protective suits, hoses and pipes must be completely sealed. Tools like pliers and bolt cutters have to be kept in flawless condition, as do technical devices, such as high-powered fans, cutting torches and spotlights. But these items are put through their paces with every operation. And if they are not then properly dried and stored once the work is done, it will have critical consequences for colleagues in the next operation. This isn’t just because moist clothes and equipment put health and safety in danger. The materials suffer enormously.

Fast and reliable: DH dehumidifiers

Uniforms, jackets and boots are soaked by fire-hose water, foam and sludge from floods. They then carry moisture back to team quarters. That fosters mould formation. Hoses, pipes and technical devices are also soaked and then put back into equipment rooms. Mould growth and corrosion pose a threat here also. Anyone who doesn’t dry professionally here risks high maintenance, cleaning and repair costs. With the high-performance dehumidifiers from Trotec, you will be on the safe side in no time.  They offer a reliable and, most importantly, a simple solution to moisture problems from the beginning to the end of operations by the fire brigade and relief agencies.

Mobile or stationary – but always safe

Not just equipment rooms, but also team quarters should be equipped with a dehumidifier. This technical support guarantees that clothes and technical devices, even the emergency vehicles, are reliably dried throughout and are optimally prepared for the next emergency.  The dehumidifiers of the DH series are suitable for operations in all fields. For the equipment storage room we recommend a space-saving wall model, for example the DH 60 AX. That’s because this high-performance dehumidifier guarantees dependable performance even in large unheated rooms.

DH dehumidifiers stand for:

  • high dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • anti-corrosion construction
  • professional hot air defrosting system
  • reduced energy costs thanks to optimal heat recovery

With the DH dehumidifiers from Trotec, you will always have a dependable assistant on site  – in team quarters, in equipment rooms and on the move!

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