NEW! External condensate pump for dehumidifiers

Condensate Pump extern

A condensate pump is used with a dehumidifier to transport away condensed water so that it can be pumped into a drain, for example. This saves you from having to repeatedly empty the water container. With the new condensate pump, Trotec fills the gap for the dehumidifiers from the TTK range which previously didn’t have such equipment. And best of all: the new external pump can be used with virtually any dehumidifier, regardless of the manufacturer.

With the use of the external condensate pump, the tedious task of emptying the water container in the dehumidifier becomes a thing of the past. With it, you can drain condensate in permanent operation, even over long distances – and with a height difference of 5 meters. This means that in practice, two stories’ worth of stairs and passages are spared! And as mentioned already, you can use the condensate pump with virtually any dehumidifier – even with those that aren’t manufactured by us! For the following Trotec dehumidifiers in the ECO and TTK S commercial ranges, the condensate pump is designed as an optional professional supplement:

This is how it works

Connect the external condensate pump via a hose to the connection on the dehumidifier for externally draining the condensate and start the drying. The condensate will now run from the dehumidifier into the collection tray of the pump, which it slowly fills. When a certain water level is reached, the pump automatically switches on and the water then passes through a second connected hose into, for example, a drain. Then the pump switches off until the rising level in the collection tray starts it up again.

Has emptying water containers never been your favourite sport?

Then our offer is right on cue: why not order the new external condensation pump now for only £ 73.39 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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