Warm and cosy – whenever you want!

Anyone who owns a holiday house, holiday apartment or cottage wants to spend their hours and days away from everyday life in peace and comfort. In the colder months of the year, this means the need for a reliable heating system to provide you with comfort and warmth whenever you are at your holiday home. As soon as you arrive, plug in your electric heating fan, start it up and in just a few minutes you can feel warm and cosy. This warm atmosphere is brought to you by the TDS series of electric fan heaters from Trotec. High-performance and top quality. You can count on it!

Warm and cosy – whenever you want!

How often do you travel to your holiday house or apartment every year? Six or ten times? Perhaps you are in your cottage several times a month? Brilliant! Then you are getting plenty of use out of your weekend or holiday residence for switching off regularly and leaving the stress of day-to-day life behind you. However, it is when your are not there regularly that you become concerned about the heating of your cottage. Do you have a built-in heating system and is it worth it to leave this operating continuously? Many cabins don’t even have a heating system. Nonetheless, you want it to be warm and comfortable as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination. Warmth at the push of a button: For many cottage-owners, this is the formula for success for ensuring real recuperation during a get-away.

Warmth at the push of a button

Before you start any installation or renovation work to provide a costly, programmable heating system or set up solar equipment, look into whether the financial expenses and time spent will actually be worth it. The most simple solution imaginable is an electric fan heater that is used for your comfort during the time that you spend on holiday. Electric heaters have the advantage that, in contrast to directly fired gas or oil devices, they don’t use up any oxygen. What’s also important is that they don’t produce any exhaust fumes.

Trotec has a range of high-performance electric fan heaters on offer. Among the models of the TDS series, you will find different designs and performance classes, meaning there is the right device for every need.  Connect it to the mains, turn it on and feel the warmth in your holiday home.

The right model for every need

The TDS 10 electric heater with its heating power of 2 kW is a practical entry model which is especially flexible for heating smaller rooms thanks to its compact size. The TDS 50 provides a dependable solution with its maximum power of 9 kW. Thanks to the integrated thermostat control, the warm air output can be set to the desired temperature with continuous variability.  Regardless of what model you choose, with your electric heater you have flexibility. That’s because every device can be used at a different locations at different times. For example, in the garage, in a boat house or in your workshop at home. If you want to make the electric heater a permanent part of your cottage, that’s also not a problem. The mini-powerhouses of the TDS series can be fixed to walls or roofs quickly and securely thanks to the fixing option in their design.

Tip: With all TDS devices except for the TDS 10, the heating function can be switched off so that when outdoor temperatures are higher you can enjoy the fan function.

High-performance, practical 100 per cent Trotec!

The benefits to you

  • multi-level temperature control with three heating levels
  • integrated thermostat for constant warmth
  • overheating protection
  • fan motor with thermal protection
  • no use of oxygen and no production of exhaust fumes
  • fan function (except for TDS 10)
  • fixing option for wall or ceiling mounting

Order a TDS electric heater today, on offer from £ 18.56 – available now in the Trotec shop.

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