NEW infrared heating panels at 300, 450 and up to 900 watts – infrared heating at its finest!

Clever minds think counter-cyclically. Since after a hot summer a cooler autumn and a colder winter follow, everyone should promptly prepare who wants to sit in warmth throughout their apartment or house in the near future. Our new infrared heating, the TIH 300 S, 400 S and 900 S heating panels, are the perfect solution to equip previously unheated spaces with an effective and elegant heat source and living spaces with an isolated additional heating source.

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TIH 500 S and 700 S infra-red heating panels – back in stock!

After the TIH 500 S and 700 S infrared heating panels were recently awarded the TÜV-certified quality label, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for these devices which are already highly sought after. The trademarked heating panels were sold out at short notice, but they are now both available again: whether they are for providing additional heating for living rooms, for use at restaurants and at the workplace, or for quickly drying of wall surfaces – just in time before winter sets in.

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The NEW TIH 1100 S Infrared heating panel – finally in stock!


Perfect timing, right? Autumn has just begun and the sun’s heating power is weakening, and already we are offering the affordable alternative for the home: Just like the sun, the TIH 1100 S heating panel generates direct comforting heat via infrared radiation. This doesn’t heat the ambient air, but all objects in the room – from people to walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. The objects then continuously release the stored heat again.

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NEW Infrared heating panel TIH 1100 S – flexible use!


The infrared heating panel TIH 1100 S is much more than just a heating alternative. It is in fact our new star in the heating sky and is optimally suited to almost any usage scenario: it generates direct heat via infrared radiation and requires just one socket for its heating operation. The TIH 1100 S is also very affordable: Thanks to our pre-order discount, you can save 50% – as long as you order for delivery in CW 41!

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Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S – now TÜV-certified


The infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S are among our all-time favourite recommended highlights, to provide rooms without heating with an effective heating source for example, or as occasional, auxiliary heating in living spaces. Our trademarked heating panels have now been awarded the “Qualitäts-Siegel” seal of approval by indisputably the most objectivetesting institute; the TÜV Rheinland! Having TÜV certified -quality gives our infrared heating panels a further significant advantage.

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Direct heaters compared – Convection vs. infrared heaters!


There you are pleased as Punch about the mild winter and then it turns freezing cold after all. Not a problem when you have additional electric heating at home to raise the room temperature a bit. With our convection and infrared heaters Trotec has two heating systems on offer and your individual circumstances will determine which one is the most suitable for you. Therefore, here we offer you a tough but fair comparison of both of our systems!

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NEW TIH 500 S and 700 S Infrared heating panels – now in the 4 piece discount package!


Infrared heating panels are up until now, a popular professional solution to equip rooms without heating with an effective heating source, or as selective, auxiliary heating in living spaces. The heating panels are even better suited for use in gastronomy, for heating workplaces and quickly drying wall surfaces at construction or renovation sites. The practical heating panels now come in a super value 4 piece discount package.

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NEW Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S

Infrared heating panel

The two new infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and TIH 700 S are our top recommendation for use when conventional heaters are simply at their limit, for rooms without heating that need warmth without expensive renovations or you want to provide some extra cosy warmth for your home in selected locations and at a low price.

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Warm all round, happy all round

Infrared Heating Panel

For many people who own a flat or house, the hobby room is their second home. It is where you carry out fiddly repairs, indulge in absorbing hobbies or hold parties – depending on how you have furnished it. As it is rare to install a permanent, effective heating system in a building’s basement, you need to add something to ensure that you are nice and comfortable there during your leisure time.

Trotec’s TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel is very flat, so it takes up little space. Thanks to the waves of heat, the temperature generated is distributed homogeneously, and there will be no more complaining about electrical heaters’ “warm head, cold feet” effect. Heating with infrared? That’s smart!

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New designed: the TIH 630 Infrared Heating Panel


Descriptions of the new white design of our infrared heating panel have ranged from super-chic to modestly understated. That aside, the TIH 630 is just as effective as an optical brightener as it is at drying construction and masonry work after water damages: simply ingenuous and ingeniously simple. Read on to find out about the cutting-edge technology at work behind the impressive exterior.

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