NEW VSC3008 Industrial Videoscope. It’s finally here!


It’s not often that the wait has been worth it so much: effective immediately, the new professional top model among our industrial videoscopes can be delivered! This simultaneously light and compact system makes indirect visual examinations almost as easy as child’s play: its weight goes virtually unnoticed, its probe is bendable to all sides and its camera head allows for perfect panoramic views.

If this sounds good to you, you will be happy about the following details too: the handle control weighs only 400 g so that extended operations can be carried out free of fatigue. The probe, which is bendable to all sides, is controlled with continuous variability using a joystick and makes 360° indirect visual inspections possible in the inspection area with its titanium-coated camera head. And because we have designed out top model for work in the toughest of conditions in industrial environments – with robust ABS housing and the use of damping materials at critical positions prevent impact damage and stop dust and splash water from getting in – the other design characteristics of the VSC3008 will also prove convincing to you.

This is how it works

The VSC3008 combines wireless operation with razor-sharp videos and digital images in a mobile, user-friendly compact system. The multilayer construction of the thrust probe from tungsten wire mesh and PU on a flexible steel coil guarantees a maximum range of motion while also providing high torsional strength. The high-performance multiple LED light sources and a bright VGA LCD wide display deliver exactly the sharp, detailed images that you require for perfectly carrying out work in the in the industrial sector.

In addition, you can easily save individual images or complete videos to the SD card included in the delivery and, when needed, view them with live synchronisation on a connected smartphone or tablet by using the optional WLAN equipment.

Subline Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the portable, light and robust compact system
  • the camera head is bendable in all directions with continuous variability
  • the LED technology – less energy usage and production of heat than with conventional lighting systems
  • the taking of photos and recording of videos

VSC3008 industrial videoscope – low price with introductory offer!

Get comprehensive information about all the advantages that the new VSC3008 industrial videoscope offers you. And also make the most of our current offer: You can get the VSC3008 videoscope for just £ 4,228.70 instead of £ 4,451.27 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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