That pure lapping sound


Do you love the sound of trickling water in your living room or office? Does the soft gurgling sound calm you and help you reduce stress? Brilliant! Then an indoor fountain is highly recommended for you. In order to ensure that your source of relaxation always remains functional and clean, you shouldn’t just use conventional mains water for the fountain. That’s because it contains lime. However, if you put a SecoSan-stick from Trotec into your indoor fountain, you will no longer have any problems with annoying limescale build-up or algae formation.

That pure lapping sound

Functionality and relaxation. That’s what we value most when we are furnishing our homes. This is why we look for decorations that appeal to our senses in addition to the usual furniture. Flower arrangements, freshly arranged decorative baskets and stone arrangements have a particularly calming effect. The scent of ethereal oils indulges our souls. A popular method for turning a living room into an oasis of relaxation is the addition of an indoor fountain. Having the small water feature in an exposed position provides us with a pleasant trickling sound and a cosy, calm ambience.

Water at eye level

In order to get the best possible benefit from your indoor fountain, you should select the right place for it. Here the following is important: The water feature should be positioned at or slightly below eye level. The best place for a small table fountain is on a side table near to the couch. Here it can directly provide calm in your relaxation corner. A table fountain also has an atmospheric effect if it is placed between plants on the windowsill. Floor-standing fountains, in contrast, should be placed in a corner wherever possible. Especially when the fountain has lighting, the interaction between the lapping sound and the lighting effects on the wall is truly eye-catching.

Optimal care

In addition to the calming effect and the visual stimulation, there is a further argument for acquiring an indoor fountain: It provides increased humidity in your flat. Especially when the heating is on a lot, this can be of great benefit to your skin and airways. In order to get prolonged carefree enjoyment from your indoor fountain, you should make sure it gets the best care. Normally, keeping the indoor fountain clean and fresh requires lots of work. People who don’t use the correct water have to deal with annoying limescale deposits every week. Not only do these deposits look unpleasant, they can also quickly damage your fountain’s pump. This is accompanied by algae build-ups, which can spread rapidly. You can deal with calcification and algae formation effectively with a SecoSan stick. And it’s as easy as pie. You simply place the SecoSan stick in the water of your fountain. The care will then be provided by the silver ions that are contained in the capsule. They clean the water completely on their own and work reliably against germs and bacteria. With a SecoSan stick, you not only spare yourself lots of irritation in caring for your decorative accessory, you also save time otherwise spent cleaning.

A SecoSan stick remains active for six months. This means you have a long period of peace free from limescale and impurities. Depending on the size of your fountain, we recommend either a size 2 SecoSan stick, which keeps up to two litres of water clean, or a SecoSan stick 10 for water volumes of up to ten litres. The SecoSan stick is only available in the Trotec online shop. Drop in there now and take a look. In addition to low prices for individual items, we also have attractive value packs on offer for you. A tip: The SecoSan stick 2 is currently on offer in a double pack for just £ 7.45. The four-pack of the SecoSan stick 10 is currently available at the inexpensive price of £ 18.68.

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