Find defects before it’s too late

thermal imaging camera

The force that acts upon the turbines of a wind power plant is enormous. Therefore, the components which are manufactured from composite materials must be in flawless condition. Even the smallest of material defects can lead to substantial dangers – from the risk of cracks which mean generation downtimes or even rotor blade breakage. Both during production and then shortly before assembly, the rotor blades must be subjected to rigorous quality control checks. Even the smallest of cracks and concealed defects in the material of the components are made visible with the help of infrared technology. The thermal imaging cameras from Trotec provide the newest technology for detecting faults in composite materials. With the IC080LV thermal imaging camera, a precise and non-destructive inspection of the rotor blades is carried out quickly and easily. For the highest degree of safety during the commissioning of wind power plants!

Find defects before it’s too late

Wind power plants have already become a part of the landscape in many regions. Wind power plants are by far the most important form of wind energy exploitation. The most common models are equipped with three rotor blades which absorb energy and convert it into electrical power using generators. The rotor blades are produced using composite materials and can be up to a hundred metres long. They are relatively light and extremely stable – which is no coincidence. This is because they must endure enormous forces at great heights. In addition to precise production procedures, it is of vital importance that they are examined with an especially sharp eye for their final inspection. This is because small cracks and damage might be present in the material, which can have disastrous consequences if a wind turbine is put into operation with such a rotor blade even once. From such a small initial material defect, serious damage can develop, which can even lead to the component breaking.

Special attention for final inspections

Normally, the final inspection in the production of wind turbine rotor blades is carried out using ultrasound. This is of course done with direct contact. In any event, such an inspection is not only time-consuming, it can also be cost-intensive in certain circumstances. It requires the inspector to be particularly attentive. In order for the process to be non-destructive, the inspector can only view the component but not its interior. Infrared technology demonstrates how such small cracks and defects can be detected without having to penetrate the composite material. With the help of thermal imaging cameras, the smallest of inconsistencies in the material are revealed and can therefore be rectified before assembly.

Thermal differences reveal damage to materials

Temperature differences develop at the points where defects in the composite material are located – both on the surface and in the interior of a rotor blade. With the help of an IC series thermal imaging camera from Trotec, these differences in temperature are made visible. In this way, the inspector is on the right track from the outset in the search for damage. An example of the precise locating of cracks in rotor blades is provided by the IC080LV thermal imaging camera. In hardly any time at all, these handy, robust devices can be put into operation and used for the important quality checks. They provide accurate thermographic measurements in real time with an especially broad temperature measurement range and deliver razor-sharp thermal images in which even the smallest of temperature differences is made clear.

The infrared profile

Highest precision and top performance: That’s what the IC080LV offers. This is because it works across a temperature range of -20 to +600 degrees Celsius and provides measurements with a high thermal sensitivity level of 0.05 degrees Celsius. In this way, the temperature differences, which are present with hairline cracks but which hardly be recognised with the naked eye, are rendered visible. The thermal imaging camera uses a high-performance imaging sensor to work with more than 110,000 independent temperature measurement points and a geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad. In addition, it has an integrated real image camera, photo lights and duo-vision function so that real images can be can be superimposed with the thermal imaging to provide recording that is accurate in every detail – for perfect documentation. In this way, either the flawless condition or the recording of fine cracks and damage can be logged and submitted. The optional Bluetooth connection also allows the recording of voice commentary with which the inspector can comment on or point out the defects and the areas without flaws.

The benefits of the IC080LV

  • fully radiometric infrared camera of original EU manufacturing for the highest standards
  • high-performance image sensor with 384 x 288 measurement points
  • high thermal sensitivity of 0.05 degrees Celsius for detailed thermal images
  • temperature measurement range of -20 to 600 degrees Celsius
  • very high geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad

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