Damp basement – a danger foreseen is a danger avoided!

Lots of people are probably familiar with the peculiar musty and mouldy smell that emanates from a damp basement. But stale air is not just a problem for sensitive noses. The damp also produces mould that poses a risk to health and this means that a damp basement becomes a real health risk. Since no one needs this in their own house, you can find tips here to identify and eliminate the most common causes of damp basements.

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That pure lapping sound


Do you love the sound of trickling water in your living room or office? Does the soft gurgling sound calm you and help you reduce stress? Brilliant! Then an indoor fountain is highly recommended for you. In order to ensure that your source of relaxation always remains functional and clean, you shouldn’t just use conventional mains water for the fountain. That’s because it contains lime. However, if you put a SecoSan-stick from Trotec into your indoor fountain, you will no longer have any problems with annoying limescale build-up or algae formation.

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Quality water for baby food


Mums have hardly stopped weaning their babies when the question arises as to whether tap water is really appropriate for the baby’s thirst, for milk bottles and their first food. The answer is definitely Yes! But before you spend time boiling the water to be sure that all the germs are dead, you can also just turn to a Trotec SecoSan stick. Because this reliably combats germs and bacteria in the water.

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The water trend

Water - SecoSan

Drinking water keeps you slim and beautiful, and it’s healthy. This attitude has become firmly established. Whereas a few years ago brightly packaged sodas and caffeinated drinks dominated the market, now health-conscious people swear by pure water. Surveys show that mineral water consumption per capita in Germany has nearly doubled. Are you also ahead with this trend, preferring your refreshment to be clear, calorie-free and healthy? Then you should get yourself a SecoSan stick from Trotec, which allows you to turn your tap water into top-quality drinking water. Fresh, natural, SecoSan!

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Pure energy for body and soul


Yoga works great against stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life. With special exercises, you bring your body, breathing and soul into harmony. For every yoga session that you do, there are special muscle exercises with which you train your strength, flexibility and balance.

In addition, breathing exercises and deep relaxation are also part of your wellness programme. The best way to supplement these exercises originally from India is by drinking plenty of healthy water. You can do this at home directly from the tap. A SecoSan stick from Trotec optimally enhances your drinking water.

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