Fire and comfort


When the fireplace or stove is lit, anyone who doesn’t ensure the right humidity in their home will feel the consequences. Our mucous membranes are quickly dried out by the dry room air. Our eyes and noses become unpleasantly itchy. Some people suddenly start to suffer from skin irritations and rashes.

For unimpeded enjoyment of comfort from your fire, you should always provide the room with additional humidification as soon as the fire starts to crackle. Place a bowl of water on the mantelpiece. The water evaporates and provides pleasant humidity. You can give your skin and mucous membranes additional protection by drinking enough. It is recommended to drink fresh and healthy water that you keep fresh with a SecoSan stick from Trotec.

Fire and comfort

In autumn, especially in winter and also even in spring, we enjoy lighting our fireplaces and stoves to make our homes comfortable for ourselves. The crackling of the fire and the glow of the flames provide comfort and a cosy atmosphere under our roof. However, the snug comfort of the fireplace is soon forgotten if you start to feel negative effects on your body. This happens if you don’t ensure the right humidity in your home when the fire is lit. The dry air makes it hard for us to breathe because oxygen can only enter our bloodstream easily when there is humidity. The skin needs a higher level of humidity so that it doesn’t dry out. And what’s more: Our mucous membranes are especially susceptible to drying out because they only have a low level of protection against evaporation and their functioning is reliant on their high moisture levels. If the mucous membrane of the nose dries out, it can result in nosebleeds. Overall the immunity of the skin is weakened so the risk of catching a cold is greater. Room air that is too dry often leads to skin irritations or even skin inflammations.

Water for better protection

For a cosy climate at home, the temperature and the relative humidity need to be just right. Which temperature we find pleasant depends on each person individually. Some like it particularly warm and cosy, while others feel comfortable at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. The important thing is that the humidity is within a range of 40 per cent to a maximum of 70 per cent. The humidity must never be higher than this because otherwise you risk mould formation in corners. Because a stove always produces particularly warm room air, you should always place a bowl of water on or beside the stove. Humidity is released into the room air due to evaporation. This is not only good for your airways and mucous membranes. Your wallet will also feel the benefit. That’s because the greater the humidity in a room, the warmer we perceive the temperature to be. This means more humid air helps you to save on heating costs.

Care from inside too

A tip: With an indoor hygrometer you can always check humidity values at a glance. In addition to the humidification of the dry room air, you should also take action from the inside to stop skin and mucous membranes from drying out – by drinking plenty of water. Your body will thank you for it! For a healthy supply of water to the body, it is recommended that you enjoy especially pure and fresh water form your SecoSan water reserve. You provide this by filling up on tap water and adding a SecoSan stick. Thanks to the silver ion principle, this keeps the water pure and fresh for long periods of time and prevents germs from forming. And that will make your evenings by the fire even cosier.

Order easily online

The SecoSan stick is produced in different sizes. For home usage, we recommend the sizes 1, 2 and 10. You can then use the appropriate size to keep between 0.7 and 10 litres of water permanently pure and clean. You can order SecoSan sticks easily from the Trotec online shop. Take a look and enjoy our fantastic saving offers.

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