NEW DL200 data loggers – tamper-resistant measurement logging

The new DL200 data loggers, produced in Germany, from Trotec’s MultiMeasure professional series enable users from industry, trade and construction to carry out tamper-resistant long-term measurements. The measurement instruments allow experts and professionals to optimally monitor, log and document climate data and other measured values – for example, monitoring the climate of buildings, controlling climate-sensitive production processes and providing verification for inspection requirements.

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Adviser ‘Bad air causes illness’ – too much CO2, too little oxygen

If something appears to be especially valuable to us, we like to use this metaphor to illustrate it: “As important as the air we breathe!” But crucial for our well-being is a sufficient proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere. Yet this is quickly consumed in rooms where several people are at one time, while the level of CO2 exhaled constantly rises. Only regular and proper ventilation can remedy this – and ideally ventilation according to DIN standards!

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DL200P Professional Data Logger – on offer for the first time!

DL200P Professional Data Logger

For monitoring tasks, the DL200P is the first choice for users from the fields of industry, trade and construction. It doesn’t matter whether the focus is on tamper-proof long-term measurements of building climates, or on climate-sensitive production processes, or on the complete and uninterrupted documentation of construction drying processes and water damage repair. The data logger is on offer now for the first time – and is therefore extremely good value.

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New “members” in the Trotec data logger family


There are three new “members” in the Trotec data logger family to give industrial, craft and construction users a wide range of applications for tamper-proof measuring.
The devices from the MultiMeasure Professional series convince due to the new and user friendly software for configuring and managing measured data. And the big display allows you to read the measuring results even from a few metres distance. Read More

Mould. Don’t let it come to this.

mould detecting dogsMould.

Mould doesn’t just look awful (the ugly blotches and dark stains that can cover whole walls are often the result of excess moisture caused either by high humidity levels, thermal bridges, poor insulation, cold walls or water damage).

And it doesn’t just smell awful (who could ever forget that biting stench that hits you when you enter a room where mould has been festering unnoticed for some time in concealed corners or cavities or behind tiles, panelling or dry walls or ceilings?).

And it doesn’t just cause you to catch your breath when you are unwittingly confronted with the dank, earthy odour that causes your eyes to sting and your senses to reel.

Mould is dangerous. It can not only cause wood, for example furniture and even the structure of buildings to rot and decay, it can also cause paper and leather to stain and weaken and it can damage goods, books, fabrics and prized possessions beyond repair.

But worse still it can trigger allergic reactions, cause severe skin, respiratory and other health problems – and it can kill.

This is why some countries, particularly the UK, the US, Canada and Germany, have taken a new approach to tackling this widespread problem and have started to use so-called sniffer dogs, dogs that have been specially trained to not only sniff out drug caches, explosives, contraband and stashed away cash, but also to sniff out mould! Read More