New Adviser-Series ‘Bad Air Makes You Ill.’

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Although we all know how good unused and fresh air is for us, we make the same mistakes again and again: We sit behind closed doors, in stuffy, overheated air, or moist cold draughts, bravely ignoring any food odours as well as the other mould stain, and then wonder about our headaches. Therefore, our new Adviser-Series is all about clean air at home and at the office – because bad air makes you ill!

For once, experts from the Environmental Research largely agree: He/She who stays in poorly ventilated or contaminated rooms for an extended period of time, risks adverse health problems. The rising importance of good room air for health and well-being is accounted for by the fact that we spend more and more time behind closed doors. Because people today spend an average of more than 90 percent of their time indoors, air according to a popular dictum, will become our most valuable ‘food’. The reasons why every now and then the atmosphere is bad, vary notably. But in our Adviser, we get to the bottom of individual problems, explain the background and offer solutions as well as tips to make it better.

Gain an overview – everything concerning the topic of ,bad air’

Inadequate ventilation, e.g. oxygen deficiency is certainly responsible for being one of the main causes of poor air. Therefore, within the next few days, we will start right away with the chapter “Too much CO2, too little oxygen”, in the first episode of our series. However, because excess CO2 in the air is certainly not the only explanation for headaches and such things, we zero in on all sides:

  • Episode 2 deals with the question of how much humidity and room temperature affect air quality.
  • Episode 3 is dedicated to house plants, our important ally in the fight against bad air.
  • Episode 4 lists the best advice on dry air – an important issue in the beginning of the heating season.
  • Episode 5 takes on the effect of smells and odours on the body, and presents innovative technological solutions for this problem.
  • Episode 6 tackles mould as the hidden enemy in our living rooms.
  • In Episode 7, we explain why allergens not only endanger allergy sufferers, and how we can even effectively protect ourselves from even the smallest particles.

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