Building thermography: Let the season begin!

Thermography: infrared camera bargains

Daylight saving time is over again and the clocks have been turned back that precious hour. Which means two things: Only 41 days to go to Christmas! (Surely there’s no harm in being reminded, is there? After all you can’t have forgotten last year’s madcap, last-minute Christmas shopping spree!) And that now the days are growing shorter it won’t be long before temperatures drop sharply and the cold sets in. During the autumn and winter months the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside homes, houses and buildings up and down the country is far greater than at any other time of the year. Which is why this is the ideal time of the year for taking thermographic images!

Building thermography is a highly effective means of detecting defects in the construction of buildings as well as missing or ineffective insulation. Such defects are either the result of wear and tear on the building or shoddy workmanship on the part of the builder. An infrared camera can pinpoint these problem areas accurately and reliably and provide you with conclusive evidence that can be used to remedy the situation. The defects the camera detects are not only the chinks and gaping holes in the building’s insulation that are costing half of all Brits at least £100 a year, they are also the defects which are the root of a whole myriad of problems, ranging from uncomfortable drafts and mould formation to thermal bridges and ice dams – problems that can cause home and building owners, tenants and their families endless grief and frustration.

With oil and gas prices hitting an all-time high, many home owners are already keen to stop the precious heat from escaping from their flats and houses and to relieve the bludgeoning burden which the recent hikes in energy prices have put on their strapped household budgets. In addition, many of us are dedicated to cutting down on needless waste and doing something about reducing CO emissions and our collective carbon footprint.

So, in order to ensure that you as a provider of thermographic service are best-prepared – and kitted out – at the start of the thermographic season, we would like to provide you with just the right thermography bargains at just the right time.

When you buy an infrared imaging camera in the EC Series, you have the option of buying the IC Report Professional Thermographic Software worth a staggering €1,065.05 for just another €50. And should you opt for a professional infrared camera in the IC Series, you can save not once but twice: for an additional €100 you not only get the software mentioned above, you also get a tripod mount worth a smooth €142.80. This tidy little package enables you to carry out your thermographic inspections professionally and to perform the assessments that are an essential part of such inspections. This means that you will not only be able to provide your customers with the data and expertise they need, you will also leave a lasting and highly professional impression.

It almost goes without saying that the infrared cameras from Trotec can be used for a wide range of applications other than for thermographic building inspections:

The infrared cameras are ideal for numerous applications in the field of electro and industrial thermography and are just as excellently-suited for carrying out leak detection. And as is – or should be – the case with all manufacturers of high-class cameras, we have the high-quality accessories to match.

In addition to the thermography bargains brought to you above, we also have a prime selection of demonstration models, as-good-as-new cameras with absolutely no defects that all come with a full guarantee. These selected demo models have been used to demonstrate the benefits of this highly-regarded precision technology in one of our in-house showrooms and were always operated by either members of our team or under the strict supervision of our trained and qualified staff.

Trotec. Seeing is believing.

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