New “members” in the Trotec data logger family


There are three new “members” in the Trotec data logger family to give industrial, craft and construction users a wide range of applications for tamper-proof measuring.
The devices from the MultiMeasure Professional series convince due to the new and user friendly software for configuring and managing measured data. And the big display allows you to read the measuring results even from a few metres distance. Read More

Firewood: Too much moisture means too much smoke and too little fire

There’s nothing that evokes a feeling of cosiness and comfort more on a cold November’s day, when your breath hangs suspended on the bracingly crisp air, than a roaring, raging, crackling fire. Fires are magic. They are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. They can cast a spell on those who gaze, mesmerised, into the dancing, flickering flames as they devour the ashen charcoal logs that lie crumbling in the hearth or lick at the smoky glass window of the cast iron stove door. Man has always been drawn to fire. It satisfies a primeval desire. It fends off wild animals, it is a source of energy that provides both comfort and warmth and it plays a key role in manufacturing processes and in preparing food. And you don’t have to be the proud owner of an Inglenook fireplace to feel and appreciate just how special a fire is.

It is important to know, however, that you won’t get a decent fire going and you won’t get to enjoy your glass of mulled wine while relaxing in front of your open range fireplace or unwinding in front of your stylish wood-burning stove if the wood you have chopped and stacked or bought from a local company is not as dry as you either think it is or is alleged to be!

Wet firewood can not only dampen your spirits, it can also dampen any endeavour you make to keep a good fire going. It doesn’t matter what type of wood it is – good old English oak, sweet-smelling spruce, or pine, beech or birch – if the moisture content of the wood is too high because the wood has not been given enough time to dry, then such moist, green, unseasoned wood will not only produce less heat, it will also produce more sparks and billowy, stinging smoke which can quickly cause a fire to fizzle out. In addition, the gases which your wet firewood sets free are harmful to the environment and therefore, of course, inevitably harmful to us all. Read More

Choose one moisture meter out of five and get a free humidity indicator

Today you can choose your savings package yourself: there are five hand-held moisture meters just waiting for you. All you have to do is click on one of the links …

Simply purchase a T200 thermohygrometer, a T250 infrared thermohygrometer, T510 moisture meter, a T600 microwave moisture meter or a T650 moisture meter and get a BM15 humidity indicator for free.

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Buy a TP9 infrared thermometer and save € 29 net today

The TP9 infrared thermometer comes with a free BM15 humidity indicator today. Save € 29 net and benefit from precise surface temperature measurements as well as quick and easy wood or construction humidity measurements.

This special offer allows you to take advantage of numerous beneficial functions and a wide range of possible application. The TP9 can even be connected to a type k contact sensor for external temperature measurements and has a temperature range from -50 °C to +1,600 °C.

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Get a free BM15 humidity indicator on each TTK 50 S dehumidifier

On December 11th, 2009 you can pick up a free BM15 humidity indicator on each TTK 50 S dehumidifier. All you need to do is buy your premium dehumidifier online now and a BM15 humidity indicator will be added to your order for free.

Save € 29,- today and much more money in future due to mould prevention and optimal humidity control. Be a sure winner and benefit from a reliable dehumidification solution and a high-quality appliance of the Trotec TTK S-series.

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