When winter gets in the way of constructing your dream – Part 1

electric heaters on construction sites in winter

If only everything had gone according to plan – the local tradesmen you contracted would be putting the finishing touches to your new house, the removal men would be on their way round to pack your belongings and whisk them away to your new address and you and your family would be spending your first Christmas gathered together around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in your very first new family home. If only…

But unfortunately – as it is so often the case in real life – if there’s one thing you can be sure of, then it’s that everything seldom goes according to plan:

Unforeseen events and unpredictable factors can often lead to maddening delays in the schedules of private developers. And because time is nearly always a very scarce commodity during such enterprising ventures, setbacks like these tend to set the aspiring homeowner very much on edge.

And then before you know it it’s winter.

A sharp drop in the temperature can confront you, the home builder, with a whole range of new problems: you now have to decide whether you want to put your building project on hold, hoping above hope that the weather will improve again and that the temperatures will start to rise again – in which case you should perhaps prepare yourself for a very long wait – or you can decide to take control and fight back the biting cold by installing a powerful mobile heating unit.

Unless, of course, you are one of those many house builders out there who wince at the mere thought of being burdened with even more extra costs which any form of on-site heating is bound to bring. The list of expenses is already long enough, you say to yourself. And who would want to add yet another crippling expenditure if it can possibly be avoided? Yet these additional costs are only half the story…

A building delay – or a building stop – can often have a much more serious effect on your budget than a minor outlay. Because you are not able to move into your new home, you will have to find some suitable form of interim accommodation – or continue to pay rent if you are fortunate enough not to be evicted. And by failing to provide adequate heating facilities and protecting your property against damage by frost you run the risk of having to deal with burst water pipes and large-scale frozen plumbing.

So when it comes to warding off the cold what better a way to do so than by using one of the many mobile heating solutions from TROTEC. We have a wide range of electric heaters and oil heating units which are all designed to provide you with the means to keep your building project up and running and your building site warm during the colder winter months.

And if winter takes you by surprise and a quick and practical heating solution is needed immediately, you can always rent one fromTKL, the rental division of our company.

… Read more about winter on a construction site in the next part of this article!

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