“Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken“ relies on Trotec work tents

Carnival means party time and not only in Germany, the revellers parade through the streets and spread fun and cheerfulness. Like us, our Dutch neighbours also like to party and put themselves into fancy dresses.
But where many people and a great atmosphere are there can also always be scrimmages and accidents. Because of that, the Dutch Red Cross (Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken or short EHBO) has prepared for serious cases with tents from Trotec.

On carnival 2013 the EHBO used our 350 KE work tents for the first time. These tents are used to cover larger construction pits or excavation trenches for example but are also suitable for medical services as they are easy to handle. To put them up quickly and easily only two persons are needed.
The fibreglass frame provides an ideal stability at a very low weight (only approx. 48 kg) and, additionally, the long-lasting polyester material which also acts as an insulation barrier that keeps both the cold and the water out and also is easy to clean.

During the operation in Roermond it turned out that the tents offer a lot of working space because eight volunteers were on location as well as two stretchers, a medicine box, chairs, a computer table and numerous other devices and instruments.
The 350 KE work tent provides enough space with its ground area of 12.25 square metres a side height of 2.15 metres and a centre height of 2.55 metres.

Also suitable for project work or sensitive equipment

The 350 KE can be used as shelter for technology and personnel at construction sites. On request, you can also get a wide range of accessories including a selection of low-price, reliable and extremely effective heaters for usage inside the tents.
Furthermore the tent is maintenance-free and built to last. Its sturdy and non-rusting plastic feet ensure a steady stand even in strong winds and rain. Several zips can be undone to provide multiple openings. The polyester material lets in natural light and, thus, the tent is also ideal when performing work on electrical installations and is equally well-suited for welding and spot-welding operations.
Furthermore there are some practical benefits. The tent comes with a handy caryying case and doesn’t have to be put together with tent poles. Additionally, reflective stripes ensure safety during in the daytime and overnight.

In Roermond there was always enough daylight in the tents for first aid. During the operation the EHBO had to treat 29 injured people but all of them were, luckily, slightly injured.

Technical specifications:

  • Work tent with triangular door
  • Available in either yellow or white
  • Can be set up by max two persons
  • Covers a generously-sized ground area of 12.25 m²
  • Side height approx 2.1m, centre height approx. 2.55 m
  • Weight approx. 48 kg
  • Sturdy carry bag for easy storage and transportation incl in scope of delivery

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