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Commercial dehumidifier TTK 170 S
If you are a homeowner – regardless whether you are the owner-occupier or the landlord – one of the worst things that can happen to you apart from being hit by floods and high water, the fate that faced whole regions up and down the country after the recent truly terrifying torrential downpours during which up to a month’s worth of rain fell in the short space of only 24 hours – is to be hit by water damage.

The reasons for water damage can be manifold: a burst or leaking water pipe or connection, a broken dishwasher or washing machine, blocked plumbing, a defect or leaking roof or shoddy workmanship and poor materials.

But whatever the cause, one thing is sure: You need to take action. And you need to take it fast!

The first step is, of course, to locate and deal with the cause. Step two is to clean up any excess water and clear away the mess. Step three is to deal with the damage that the faulty fitting, ruptured sprinkler or leak has caused in order to ensure that the value of your property can be retained – and to prevent mould from spreading. Mould thrives on high humidity levels and moist conditions. If left unchecked, it can turn your house into a home from hell and it can have an immediate and crippling effect on your health.

So let’s go back to step one.

Once the cause of the water damage has been located – which, depending on the type of problem and the architecture of the house, may already require the services of professionals who are trained in locating the cause of water damage and who are specialists in the field of water damage remediation – you will need the help of the professionals whose job it is to not only determine the scale of the damage but also the measures that need to be taken.

Professionals like those mentioned above rely on professional equipment that has been specially designed to suit the demands put on it and to perform the task with the maximum possible efficiency.

The TTK commercial dehumidifiers from Trotec are such pieces of professional equipment.

Not only do the dehumidifiers have a dehumidification capacity up to an astonishing 400 l per day – or the equivalent of four bucketfuls or almost a tubful of water – their robust construction and durable design not only ensure that they can stand up to the bumps and knocks that everyday use brings with it, and which can quickly occur when the unit is wheeled from one location to another, they also ensure that you will be able to make the most of your high-quality product and achieve the best possible results for years to come.

Add to this the fact that the units are not only maintenance-friendly but also extremely user-friendly (thanks largely to the large rubber-tyred, non-marking wheels and the adjustable bar handle for easy transport, as well as features like an inbuilt dual counter which can log both the number of operating hours and the amount of energy the unit has consumed – an important factor when dealing with insurance companies, for example, who, as a rule, also pay out for this type of additional cost) and you have yourself an especially reliable and exceptionally efficient commercial dehumidifier.

This all goes to show that the commercial dehumidifiers in the TTK Series from Trotec have more – much more – to offer than your run-of-the-mill, standard-type dryers including a highly competitive price and sheer unbeatable value for money.

Which means that there is now nothing to stop you from taking a closer look at the individual models and selecting the unit which most suits your individual requirements.

The TTK 170 S may be a good choice, especially since it is now drastically reduced in price – visit our online shop to find out more about this heavy-duty, yet light-weight model of a dehumidifier!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something a little smaller or a little less powerful, then perhaps you would care to see our superb selection of high-quality, low-price, stylish compact dehumidifier models designed especially for the home or office.

Trotec. We are here to stay.

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