When winter gets in the way of constructing your dream – Part 2

building dryers and fans on a construction site in winter

In the first part of our two-part series we already explained the advantages – and the evident lack of disadvantages – of using mobile heating units on winter building sites. Not only does it make good financial sense to rent or buy a mobile electric or oil heating unit to stop temperatures from dipping and putting your building project on hold, it can also save you no end of time and trouble.

What many people fail to realise, however, is that by using heating units during the winter months to dry out their buildings they are actively cutting costs which would compound in later months while other less forward-thinking home builders just sit around and wait – and hope – for warmer weather.

Mobile heating units are designed to allow you to continue with the work you have in mind before carrying on with the next building phase. They are invaluable for keeping up the momentum and preventing the project from grinding to an unsatisfactory and frustrating halt. Especially electric heaters are extremely effective when it comes to bringing down moisture levels, since unlike oil heaters they do not produce any moisture themselves.

The wet, cold weather which invariably impacts the part of the world we live in, makes drying out buildings during the winter months difficult enough as it is. The problem becomes even more difficult to deal with when plastering or screed laying is carried out, for this kind of work produces even more moisture. But failing to counter humidity right now would be saving in the wrong place: energy prices are high enough as it is. And these costs can double for years to come if the house you are living in has not been dried out properly. And things can get worse. When given the opportunity, mould will multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Mould thrives on damp conditions, like in a building that has not been dried out properly. Having to rip out walls or cladding to remedy the problem once you have moved into the house is any home owner’s nightmare.

But what can you do to support the drying out of your building? You could be forgiven for thinking that the bigger the heater, the better the results. This is, however, not the case. In fact by buying or renting an oversized heater you could even end up exacerbating the problem instead of combating it. That’s why it is important to calculate beforehand which heating unit is right for you – if we can help you to determine your individual needs just let us know!

But there is also another way you can speed up the drying out process: Fans circulate the air in rooms. This air movement makes it easier for the moisture in the walls to be given off into the ambient air from where it can be extracted by your heating units.

It doesn’t really matter what you want to rent or buy. We at Trotec have just the right heater, construction dryer or fan for you. And the right advice should you need it. Try us. We would be most happy to oblige.

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