Great work tents at bargain prices


Are you in need of an assembly work tent? One which is robust but lightfast, totally waterproof and yet simple and quick to erect? Does it have to keep the cold out, and give workers reliable protection? If so, you are one hundred percent correct in choosing Trotec. For Trotec’s high-quality work tents meet all these criteria.

And this is also a great opportunity for bargain hunters! Trotec’s online shop has a large number of demo models of various sizes and designs which you can snap up at bargain prices. They have only been unpacked and erected once. Top quality at low prices, with a one year guarantee on top!

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Trotec railway construction tests defy wind, rain and fire.

Work Tents

Repair works on tracks, replacing sleepers, costly welding work: work on railways is strenuous, especially as workers are exposed to weather conditions. They work in the rain, wind and strong sunlight. Of course, in spite of this the works carried out must be exact. Provide your employees in railway construction with reliable working conditions – with a robust railway construction tent that can be assembled quickly, from Trotec.

This will protect your employees on site, meaning you also benefit from the quality of their work. The quick construction tents from Trotec transform themselves with the special equipment “R” for “Rail” into a heat-resistant and weatherproof workplace in an instant. Fast and reliable!

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French State Railway Company works with tents from Trotec


During track work safety is extremely important. Often welding work has to be done where temperatures up to 2,400 °C can arise. The Société nationale des chemins de fer français, the French State Railway Company ordered work tents from Trotec for the first time – and invests in the safety of the employees.

Rail passengers want to get from A to B relaxed; not only in this country but in France as well. Thus, the State Railway Company SNCF always tries to avoid delays and cancellations. Among other things regular maintenance work and repairs on the rails are necessary for which certain safety regulations have to be met. Read More

Work tents from Trotec. As individual as the application you need them for.

individual work tents

Work tents come in all shapes and sizes. That’s because they are designed to cater for a wide range of different demands and a variety of different needs.

Not only are work tents used to shelter and protect workmen – and women – technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers and people from countless other professions from relentless rain, sleet showers, snow squalls, the scorching sun and anything else that nature can throw at them while they are carrying out inspections or maintenance work on switch and control cabinets or toiling in holes and trenches, they are also hugely popular on film sets and in television as well as in many sectors of industry too.

That’s why instead of just offering a fine range of robust, standard-sized, standard-type models which are ideal for certain customer segments but far from ideal for you, the individual, who would need to adapt around them to suit your own very specific requirements, we are also able to provide a sheer endless selection of bespoke solutions that encompass an array of different functions and features designed to cater for each of your individual needs.

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If it’s about work tents … this is the expert!

work tentThose of you who have ever ordered a tent from us will know him for sure: Marc Pluijmaekers is the authority for work tents and everything around it. He is counselling our customers with a lot of expertise, putting his whole heart and soul into each and every one of his projects. He designs tents for every spirit and purpose – and is definitely worth an interview! Read More

Special discount on 180 KE work tents – be smart and save money with Trotec

180 KE work tentAre you up to buy a work tent for a real nice price? Then have a look at today’s special offer at Trotec: get 30% discount on a brand-new 180 KE work tent!

The 180 KE is a high-quality, rapid assembly tent with a weight of approx. 20kg. The work tent is set up in just a few seconds while being very sturdy and water-tight.

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“Floating” work tent used at pit works

TROTEC work tent used for cable layings

Work tent at cable layings
Work tent at cable layings

This is a short article about the practical use of our work tents.
In Heinsberg the work tent 180×250 KE was used for cable layings. But there was a problem: the hole was larger than the work tent. Nevertheless the work tent could be fixed safe by means of nylon ropes. Therefore the back of the work tent was placed on the edge of the hole. The work tent didn’t have any other contact to the ground and so it was floating.

Safe fixing of a work tent
Safe fixing of a work tent

Easy access to the cables was possible because of this advantage and all cables could be reached for necessary works.

Due to the many possibilities for fixing the work tent it is flexibly usable.