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Customised dehumidification solutions for the Food IndustryClimate conditioning plays a key role in the food industry. The relative humidity and the indoor climate are of paramount importance because they are among the decisive factors which determine the standard of hygiene, the degree of safety and the level of cost effectiveness throughout the entire manufacturing process.

But what options do you have if the demands with regard to climate conditioning change because of new quality directives, innovative production techniques or technology or modified production processes?

That’s when flexibility becomes the name of the game. Generally speaking it doesn’t make much sense to modify existing facilities as the costs can quickly explode and endanger the success of an undertaking. The closed dehumidification systems from Trotec enable you to react flexibly to any new situation or requirements. These industrial dehumidifiers are easy to install and can be added to and optimised as the situation develops or as you require. There is, however, one thing which you should definitely keep in mind before you actually start installing the units you think you will need. It is extremely important that you first gain a clear picture of the demand on site in order to be able to calculate the correct number and the correct type of machines or appliances. Failing to do so can lead to costly mistakes – not only from a financial point of view but also because such mistakes can end up seriously damaging a company’s reputation.

We can help you with your questions and concerns regarding climate conditions in your industry. As can Egidius Grafen, Key Account Manager for the Food Industry, who is only too aware of the problems which many of his clients face.

Egidius Grafen knows that a precise and clear calculation provides the basis for determining the right dehumidification solution. That’s why he likes to make a point of visiting the production site or facilities personally, so that he can get a comprehensive view of the situation and the environment in order to be able to reach a conclusive decision – together with you – with regard to the number and type of machines or appliances that are needed.

Yet although Mr Grafen is an expert in his field – or should we say because Mr Grafen is an expert in his field – the first phase that is performed when the dehumidification system has been installed is the test phase. The test phase provides the expert with the feedback he needs to support his initial calculation and to ensure that even the slightest detail has been taken into account. During this essential test phase, Mr Grafen collects climate data and carefully assesses the dehumidification capacity which is adjusted until the optimum in performance has been achieved for your own individual requirements.

Sounds like an excellent idea? It is. And where do we figure in all this? Well, not only do we manufacture and sell the devices that are used to measure indoor climate data like relative humidity, temperature, dew point and wet bulb temperature, we can also provide you with the equipment you need during this all-important test phase. You can hire all kinds of climate control equipment, like industrial dehumidifiers or measurement devices for collecting climate data, directly from us. And if we see that the performance the dehumidifiers are providing is more than sufficient, then we can turn them off one by one until we have reached the target you have set us and determined the dehumidification capacity you need.

Experience and know-how are two key factors that not only play a huge part in the food industry but also in the field of climate conditioning. Yet was it not the great Greek philosopher Plato who once said: “I know that I know nothing.” which to us means that although we as a company have been at the heart of indoor climate conditioning for over 15 years now and despite the fact that we have pioneered many new technologies which have now become standard practice throughout our industry, we are not content with resting on our laurels and will not contemplate leaving anything to chance. Only by working as conscientiously as possible can we provide you with the data you need to confirm that our calculations are correct and that every single element in the equation has been factored in. And only then, when you are sure that we have provided you with a bespoke dehumidification solution that is tailored to meet your demands, will we be satisfied with our level of commitment and our standard of service.

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