Watch Out For One Of Our Work Tents – Wherever You Are

indoor work tent with connected hose and workman doing a thumbs upThere are a fair number of sites and places where you would expect to find one of our multipurpose, pop-up work tents. Outside in foul weather sheltering utility workmen from the driving rain while they are fitting or fixing a section of pipe, outside in gusty, wet winds protecting service technicians while they carry out work on electric cabinets or traffic control boxes or outside in the sleet and snow shielding construction workers while they perform outdoor work which would otherwise have to be put off until the weather relents.

But if there is one place where you would surely not expect to find them, then it would have to be inside.

That’s right – inside. Work safety plays a huge role nowadays and protecting workers and the other occupants of buildings from clouds of dust and dangerous particles caused by work such as grinding or sanding has become a top priority.

Shielding surfaces against dust
Work tents do not only protect people, they protect your property too. Fine dust does not just settle on surfaces, it also works its way into cracks and crevices, which often makes it extremely difficult to get rid of.  This can quickly become an acute problem in production facilities in the pharmaceutical or the food industry, for example, where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Avoiding downtimes
Setting up a tent around a site where work which produces dust is to be carried out makes sound financial sense. To begin with you are effectively shielding your machines and sensitive machine parts against contamination, thereby eliminating the risk of a breakdown, and in addition you are also saving valuable time and costs which would otherwise ensue if intensive cleaning and servicing were to be carried out.

Air cleaners and fans for enhanced efficiency
There is no need for you to wait until the dust has settled in your work tent before you start to think of a way to remove it. Air cleaners can do the job much more effectively. The powerful models in the TAC-series can filter up to 99.97% of the tiniest of particles ( > 0.3 µm) out of the air. Or you can use one of our powerful fans to draw off the dust and collect it in special dust bags which have a permeability of  less than 0.1% and therefore comply with the DIN norms for the use of filters for machines and appliances designed to remove dust.

Custom-made models
We can deliver exactly the work tent you need. Tell us what you want – a side-window, additional flaps for increased air circulation, custom-made openings and modular connections for an infinite number of possibilities. We can even reinforce the inner walls with heat-resistant material which can withstand heat up to 500C for any welding work which you may wish to carry out.

So just tell us what you want and let us provide you with your own individual work tent for your own individual requirements. Put us to the test. You can even have cherry on the top!

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