The NEW Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 – warns you when the temperature “feels” too high


Are the outside climatic conditions perfect for sport activities, as well as for more mature people? Even when the hot days seem to be over – they will return in the future! When it is hot outside it is very important to prevent heat stress and to determine your own personal tolerance levels: This can be ensured with the Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 which is equipped with alarm functions for “heat index” and “perceived temperature”.

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BN30 socket thermostat – Finally available again for delivery!


Watch this space – it’s becoming now really cosy and particularly comfortable: Our BN30 socket thermostat is finally available again. Virtually everything to do with temperature regulation around the house will be extremely practical and very easy to adjust. The device enables you to control the temperature of heating and air-conditioning equipment in half-degree increments for temperatures between 5 °C to 30 °C. And the best part – the utilisation and programming are simply child’s play!

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