“Where does moisture come from?” – material moisture and surface temperature are what determine it

There are no outbreaks of mould without moisture. However, whoever wants to track it down like a professional renovator requires such a professional measuring device – something that can determine the material and surface moisture. Or can make notorious thermal bridges identifiable through the measurement of the surface temperature. In the second part of our series “Where does moisture come from?”, we introduce the professional measuring device that precisely determines moisture as well as its causes…

T3000 multi-function measuring device – impresses through its unparalleled variety of functions

The material moisture of mineral building materials from wood and wood-based material can be quickly determined on site through our measuring device, while causing little or even no damage. The T3000 multi-function measuring device offers the innovative concept of a universal basic unit, which is complete with flexible and interchangeable sensors. The measuring device is most suitable for classical applications in building diagnostics as well as for many areas of the building trade, for example for screed and tile layers, painters or carpenters, who have to test the moisture content of floors, walls, or wood.

  • A simple change of the sensors transforms your T3000 exactly into the speciality measuring device that you currently need. Further settings on the device are not necessary because the T3000’s intelligent technology recognises the connected sensor automatically.
  • More than twenty varying types of measurement sensors for the T3000 are available to determine the different parameters – besides the innovative SDI sensors there are also numerous round, flat, and layer depth electrodes for material, wood and building moisture measurement and some sensors for surface temperature, wood temperature, material temperature as well as air temperature.
  • In addition, an integrated logger function with adjustable recording intervals can be used for continuous measurements on all sensors. The memory of the T3000 can hold more than 2,000,000 measurements.

T660 material moisture measuring-device – impresses as a professional hand-held measuring device

Alternatively, we recommend the T660 material moisture measuring device. The professional hand-held measuring device is optimally suited for the fast damage-free identification of the distribution of moisture in areas near surfaces.

  • The T660 allows you to quickly and non-destructively measure the surface moisture in masonry, walls or even materials in sandwich construction. With a penetration depth of up to 4 cm, it can provide information about the intensity and distribution of moisture.
  • As a quality measuring device “Made in Germany”, the T660 impresses through digital precision without the disadvantage of measurement value drift of comparable analogue devices.
  • By constantly showing real-time measurement values on the easy-to-read display, moist and dry wall or floor areas can be quickly detected. Furthermore, the measuring device is suitable for pre-examining the readiness of building materials through CM measurements.

AC080V – perfectly combined tablet plus thermal imaging camera

The detection of surface temperatures makes it possible to identify existing thermal bridges. The use of thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermometers is recommended for measurement – Trotec’s professional measuring devices are also available to you in this case as well. The best example is the AC080V.

  • The multifunctional tablet and thermal imaging camera is equipped with a 5-inch touch display and is ideally suited for building diagnostics or preventive maintenance. The thermography tablet has over 19,200 full radiometric, autonomous temperature measuring points, which capture even the smallest changes in temperature in real time.
  • Numerous measuring functions for assessment and analysis are integrated directly into the device, such as automatic temperature monitoring, isotherms, report analysis and the temperature alarm. In addition to thermal imaging, you can also capture photos in 8-megapixel resolution and even record complete infrared videos, which can be transferred to your PC wirelessly over Wifi and shared on the internet. Thanks to the integrated GPS, the position data can also always be observed.

TP7 Pyrometer – impresses as an universal precision thermometer

Of course, Trotec offers the suitable measuring device for every requirement – the TP7 pyrometer is our alternative for capturing surface temperature in building diagnostics. The universal infrared thermometer stands out with its impressing technical performance and furthermore operates for a diversity of application areas.

  • The TP7 pyrometer impresses for example with a temperature measuring range of -50 °C to +1,000 °C, a high optic resolution of 30:1 and an innovative dual laser. The TP7 makes it possible to configure the degree of emission for specific materials and has a bright background-lit display for no-fatigue viewing of the measure values, even in poorly lit environments.
  • Furthermore, the TP7 impresses through numerous further professional equipment details, for example the alarm function with freely definable thresholds, continuous measuring mode and functions to hold the current measuring value as well as the additional identification and display of the maximum measurement value.

Trotec – professional solutions for building diagnostics

You benefit in the survey of measurement values for material and surface area moisture and surface area temperature for your building diagnostics with the precise measuring device from Trotec – outstanding through innovative electronic, intelligent mobility concepts and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Find out today about all our current offers

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