NEW TP7 pyrometer – measures both measuring point and measuring surface thanks to multipoint laser aiming aid

The new professional infrared thermometer from Trotec lets you make precise measurements in the shortest possible time: Instead of displaying either only the measurement target with a single laser or only the spot size with a dual laser, the TP7’s multipoint laser merges both technologies to capture the measured object with equal ease and accuracy: A central target laser indicates the measuring point. Eight additional lasers display the boundary points of the measuring surface.

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“Where does moisture come from?” – material moisture and surface temperature are what determine it

There are no outbreaks of mould without moisture. However, whoever wants to track it down like a professional renovator requires such a professional measuring device – something that can determine the material and surface moisture. Or can make notorious thermal bridges identifiable through the measurement of the surface temperature. In the second part of our series “Where does moisture come from?”, we introduce the professional measuring device that precisely determines moisture as well as its causes…

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NEW Pyrometer BP17– available for delivery immediately!


Some like it hot! How hot you can now measure precisely and a low cost with our new BP17 pyrometer. The laser measuring device designed for users from the commercial and amateur sectors is perfectly suited for contactless temperature measurement. With this infrared thermometer you can for example spot energy-consuming thermal bridges on the exterior walls of houses, check that the underfloor heating is functioning flawlessly or show heat losses at windows, doors or insulation points.

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NEW premium pyrometers


Here come two superb-quality, professional, universal, precision thermometers. Thanks to their large temperature measuring range, high optical resolution and many other innovative functions, both are bound to be top of everyone’s list for all sorts of industrial maintenance tasks. For the small trade sector, too, for example to help professionally and safely diagnose and maintain heating and air-conditioning systems.

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Non-contact surface temperature measurement with our new pyrometers


Small, handy and highly precise – the pyrometers of the RP series

The winter did last long enough. Finally, we wake up in the morning because the sun is shining through the window and not because rain patters against the window. More frequently we get the grill out of the shed and put a nice piece of meat or vegetables over live coals.
To make the perfect steak or potato we have our new pyrometers to contact-free measure the surface temperature.
The small and handy devices are also best suitable to control the freezer temperature to always let you know that your beer for the grill party is cold enough.
Our pyrometers are suitable for further applications, of course. When it is very cold in your flat measure the temperature of your heater. When your motor overheats quickly then find the reason with the new RP series. Read More

Buy a TP9 infrared thermometer and save € 29 net today

The TP9 infrared thermometer comes with a free BM15 humidity indicator today. Save € 29 net and benefit from precise surface temperature measurements as well as quick and easy wood or construction humidity measurements.

This special offer allows you to take advantage of numerous beneficial functions and a wide range of possible application. The TP9 can even be connected to a type k contact sensor for external temperature measurements and has a temperature range from -50 °C to +1,600 °C.

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This offer is valid only on December 16th.

Magazine reports on the BP20 infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer BP20A leading German special-interests magazine reported on the Trotec BP20 infrared thermometer and the T250 infrared thermohygrometer.

The report marks the BP 20 infrared thermometer as a very user-friendly and compact device. You only have to aim, activate the device and then immediately read the result off the backlit display. The BP 20 convinces with a measuring range of -35 °C to +850 °C as well as a maximum and minimum function. This infrared thermometer has a weight of only 177 gram and can easily be transported trouser pocket.
If you also want to measure the temperature and the relative humidity with only one device you may have a look at the T250 infrared thermohygrometer.

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An overview of the benefits of an T250 infrared thermohygrometer are listed here …

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