“Where does moisture come from?” – determining air temperature and air humidity

How does moisture actually emerge in the components of a house – and in doing so pave the way for mould infestations? The so-called ‘dew point’ provides an answer to this question. This is the temperature at which the air releases its contained water as condensate. Therefore, the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity as well as the exact determination of the dew point temperature are at the heart  of building diagnostics – as well as for the accompanying measuring devices: the professional thermohygrometers from Trotec.

The phenomenon is well-known: If warm room air escapes through a tilted window, it cools and condensates as moisture on the pane – the air here has cooled to dew point temperature. But this well-known effect can also occur on the components of a house. If a warm air flow penetrates through unsealed insulation outwardly, this air will likewise be cooled. The previously warm air within the component then reaches the dew point and condensate emerges, leaving traces of water in the component. Construction damage is often inevitable from moisture and the subsequent hazardous mould infestations …

With the precision measuring devices for building climate control from Trotec, the T210 Thermohygrometer and the T260 Infrared Thermohygrometer, you measure air and dew point temperature and determine the relative, absolute and specific air moisture. In addition, you localise potential dew point undershoots quickly and simply on material surfaces as well as on poorly insulated points and with that also the danger spots for a potential mould formation. Furthermore, the simple and exact long-term recording of climate data is also possible – Trotec has a familiar innovative solution for that as well: the BL30 Climate Data Logger.

T210 Thermohygrometer – impresses with outstanding measuring precision

  • The T210 Thermohygrometer from German quality manufacturing is optimally suited for climate control in living, office, production and warehouse spaces. The precision sensor system of the T210 in the measuring head of the device is protected from dirt and dust through a metal grid filter and enables the fast and exact determination of air and dew point temperature as well as relative, absolute, and specific air humidity.
  • The T210 shows temperature and humidity values at the same time on the easy-to-read colour display behind Blanview special glass, which guarantees a high contrast presentation of measuring values even in sunlight.
  • Min., max. and average functions are available for the direct analysis of measurement data. It also states the current measurement value through the hold function. Through an active USB connection to the measuring device, the MultiMeasure Studio software included in the delivery also facilitates the online logging of the measured values including the analysis functions.

T260 Infrared Thermohygrometer – with integrated dew point alarm function

  • The T260 offers you all the advantages and measuring options of the T210, however the T210’s thermohygrometer function is expanded on with an integrated laser pyrometer as well as a dew point alarm transmitter.
  • During the IR measurement, the T260 shows you the surface temperature of the measuring object at the same time as the dew point temperature within the measuring environment. As soon as the surface temperature drops below the dew point temperature, the T260 alarms you with an optical signal and additional alarm tone. The alarm thresholds are individually configured.
  • Wall surfaces can be examined and weak spots can be quickly detected in a short time through the alarm function, since with the T260 you can determine all required measurement values – room temperature, air humidity, surface temperature, dew point – with only one measuring device!
  • Through an active USV connection to the measuring device, the Multimeasure Studio software facilitates the online logging of measured values including the analysis functions.

BL30 Climate Data Logger – for the constant measurement of temperature and humidity

  • The ultra-compact BL30 Climate Data Logger is conceived for the long-term recording of air temperature and relative humidity in living, working, or warehouse spaces. The combination of a large memory for 32,000 measured values, a freely adjustable storage interval from 1 second to 24 hours per measurement value recording, and the alarm function with logging and freely definable upper and lower limits opens up innumerable applications for the BL30 – for example as proof of inspection for tradesmen, for the determination of the cause of moisture or mould damage in rental apartments or for the recording of consistent climate data in archive and warehouse spaces.
  • The included PC analysis software offers evaluation and documentation functions for all measured values including the date, time of day as well as alarm occurrences. The BL30 Climate Date Logger can also be evaluated and configured with the help of the freely available MultiMeasure Studio Software (Standard Version). For stationary use, a lockable wall mount is included in the delivery.

Trotec – professional solutions for construction diagnostics

For surveying measured values of air temperature and air humidity as well as their long-term recording for your building diagnostics, take advantage of the precise measuring devices from Trotec – excellent through innovative electronics, intelligent mobility concepts and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Find out about our current offers today

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