The NEW Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 – warns you when the temperature “feels” too high


Are the outside climatic conditions perfect for sport activities, as well as for more mature people? Even when the hot days seem to be over – they will return in the future! When it is hot outside it is very important to prevent heat stress and to determine your own personal tolerance levels: This can be ensured with the Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 which is equipped with alarm functions for “heat index” and “perceived temperature”.

Irrespective of whether enjoying your sporting activities or working with increased physical effort – the new BC25 will provide you with both an effective and easy to handle measuring instrument to reliably prevent physical injuries which are caused by very high temperatures and humidity. Increased levels of humidity make you perspire and the skin cannot regulate the body temperature correctly , your personal comfort is thereby affected and the risk of suffering heat stress, or even heat stroke, increases accordingly.

The alarm functions in the BC25 for “heat index” and “perceived temperature” prevent heat stress before it can occur and determine the level of tolerance against increased, higher temperatures. The BC25 measuring device is therefore perfectly suited as an “early warning device” for older, ill or frail people who should not overstress themselves on particularly hot days.

This is how it works

The sensitive sensors installed in the BC25 enable it to evaluate not only the normal climatic parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity and dew point but also the wet bulb temperature as well as the “heat index” (HI) and the “perceived temperature” (WBGT-Index). This enables the heat index and the so-called Wet Bulb Globe Temperature to respectively provide information about the perceived temperature – and in such a manner that it is based on the measured air temperature , as well as very importantly, the relative humidity and additional parameters such as thermal radiation. The innovative measuring device is equipped with a large and easy to read LCD display and is also fitted with an automatic switch off function, minimum and maximum values, DGS as well as HOLD via a practice-oriented variety of functions.

Four of just some of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • Evaluating the climatic parameters for °C/°F, %RH, dew point, wet bulb temperature, heat index (HI), perceived temperature (WBGT)
  • The alarm function for heat index (HI) and perceived temperature (WBGT)
  • The large and easy to read LCD display
  • The automatic switch off function

Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 – defines tolerance levels at high temperatures

Order the Thermo-Hygrometer BC25 today for just £36.12 including VAT, reduced from £45.16 – in the Trotec shop now!

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