“Where does moisture come from?” – determining air temperature and air humidity

How does moisture actually emerge in the components of a house – and in doing so pave the way for mould infestations? The so-called ‘dew point’ provides an answer to this question. This is the temperature at which the air releases its contained water as condensate. Therefore, the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity as well as the exact determination of the dew point temperature are at the heart  of building diagnostics – as well as for the accompanying measuring devices: the professional thermohygrometers from Trotec.

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From examining cleanrooms to filter-efficiency tests to monitoring workplace loads or quality assurance measures – with our new mobile PC220 environment measuring units,all of this can be done without a problem. This is because the laser particle counter is ideally suited to monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation of the air quality in the area of productivity, health and security. And it is just as easy for you to purchase it at a great price – with our current DEAL. Read More