NEW DL200 data loggers – tamper-resistant measurement logging

The new DL200 data loggers, produced in Germany, from Trotec’s MultiMeasure professional series enable users from industry, trade and construction to carry out tamper-resistant long-term measurements. The measurement instruments allow experts and professionals to optimally monitor, log and document climate data and other measured values – for example, monitoring the climate of buildings, controlling climate-sensitive production processes and providing verification for inspection requirements.

The new DL200 series data loggers have a memory that can log over 3 million measured values – the ideal foundation for optimal long-term measurement. And that is far from everything: With superior internal precision sensors for logging various climate values, additional connection possibilities for external sensors and electrodes, battery operation for use on-site, or optional “power over ethernet” for stationary network usage – the new data loggers always give users diverse opportunities for tamper-resistant long-term measurements.

How it works

The DL200 data loggers record up to 32 measurement channel groups with a great variety of sensor signals. An individually configurable compilation of measured values can be logged on up to 20 separate measurement channels in freely selectable intervals – perfect for monitoring the climate of buildings, controlling climate-sensitive production processes and storage conditions or providing verification for inspection requirements. For speedy data transfer, the device is also equipped with a LAN and USB port.

As standard, each DL200 series data logger comes with professional software included, with which as many data loggers as desired can be selected at the same time – even from remote set-up sites via LAN. The software enables, in addition to the management and configuration of all data loggers, creation of records or data export of logged measurement series for archiving.

All DL series data loggers allow real time data logging in the network, as they can be provided with an individual IP address – even in decentralised measurement networks with many different data loggers – and allow the transmission of measured data as well as device configuration via LAN. As an option, the power supply can also take place over the network (PoE), whereby the internal batteries then provide the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). And besides: In addition to the standard colour, anthracite, all data loggers are also available with a white or yellow housing.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • 100% Trotec – maintenance-free quality measuring device “made in Germany”

  • tamper-resistant measured value logging and documentation
  • perfectly suited for long-term measurements
  • memory for up to 3,200,000 measured values

Solutions for any task – the DL200 series professional data logger

  • DL200D – complete meteo station for indoor rooms

In addition to climate information on air temperature and humidity, the DL200D integrated sensor technology also records current air pressures. With its flexible combination of a real time data display, long-term logging and recording of all measured values, in network operation as well, the DL200D is the perfect measured data collector and indispensable aid for all precision measurements, particularly for calibration laboratories. For the long-term recording of climate data using a USB and LAN interface, 16 MB memory, and supplied analysis software.

DL200D professional data logger in anthracite£408.00  incl. VAT

  • DL200H – ideal climate monitoring solution

The two internal sensors of this data logger can record and log air temperature, dew point, as well as relative and absolute humidity. The DL200H is therefore suitable for monitoring climate in buildings, computer centres, museums or storage rooms and for regulating climate-sensitive processes in industry production. For the long-term recording of climate data using a USB and LAN interface, 16 MB memory, and supplied analysis software.

The DL200H Professional data logger in anthracite£272.00  incl. VAT

  • DL200L – Monitoring of indoor room air quality

The DL200L offers all the sensor functions and equipment features of the DL200H, plus has an additional NDIR sensor for recording CO₂concentrations in the room air. Along with the alarm function, the long-term logging of climate data and carbon dioxide values makes the DL200L the ideal air quality control instrument at places of work, for example in schools, offices and companies. For the long-term recording of climate data using a USB and LAN interface, 16 MB memory, and supplied analysis software.

DL200L professional data logger in anthracite£453.34  incl. VAT

  • DL200P – Climate data logger with externally extendible sensor technology

While the internal climate data sensors of this multi-functional data logger are equivalent to those of the DL200H, this measuring device offers its users extended fields of use through the additional possibility to connect up to four external measurement transducers. Two pairs of electrodes for resistance humidity measurement and an additional two TS910 contact temperature sensors can be simultaneously attached to the DL200P. With an extra large memory of 3,200,000 measured values, a connection possibility for external resistance electrodes of the MultiMeasure series and particularly slender dimensions.

DL200P professional data logger in anthracite£362.68  incl. VAT

  • DL200X – universal industrial data logger

The DL200X is the optimal data collector for diverse monitoring tasks in automation, control, and regulation technology. Whether particle concentration, pressure, conveyor or flow rate, the DL200X can be flexibly configured for any requirement, as it has internal sensor technology via external connectionsfor digital and analogue sensors.

DL200X professional data logger in anthracite£453.34  incl. VAT

DL200 series professional data loggers – 100% Trotec brand quality

Find out more today on all details of our new powerful DL200 series professional data loggers  – now in the Trotec Shop!

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