DL200P Professional Data Logger – on offer for the first time!

DL200P Professional Data Logger

For monitoring tasks, the DL200P is the first choice for users from the fields of industry, trade and construction. It doesn’t matter whether the focus is on tamper-proof long-term measurements of building climates, or on climate-sensitive production processes, or on the complete and uninterrupted documentation of construction drying processes and water damage repair. The data logger is on offer now for the first time – and is therefore extremely good value.

Produced in Germany, the DL200P data logger from the MultiMeasure professional range is not only equipped with internal precision sensor technology, it can also be expanded externally to measure diverse climate values. Thanks to this, the measuring device can be used flexibly, for example, for monitoring silo and bulk materials, or for testing the temperature of water-based liquids. In addition, the log application allows you to produce professional and complete documentation for the insurance industry, for example in the case of construction drying work and water damage repair. The best bit: the device’s alarm function helps to recognise and prevent potential damage to buildings or stocks in good time.

This is how it works

The device opens up additional fields of application with the option to add up to four external measurement recorders. At the same time, you can also connect two pairs of electrodes for measuring moisture resistance levels, as well as two TS910 contact temperature sensors. The data logger saves up to 3,200,000 measured values, which you can individually configure on up to 20 separate measurement channels at intervals that can be freely chosen. To allow for fast data transfer, the device is also equipped with a LAN and USB port. With the professional software included as standard, you can read as many data loggers as you want at the same time – and using the LAN connection, you do not even need to be there yourself to transmit measured data or to configure the device.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • Maintenance-free quality measuring device “made in Germany”
  • Tamper-free measurement and documentation
  • Perfectly suited for long-term measurements
  • Memory for up to 3,200,000 measured values

The DL200P Professional Data Logger – or perhaps an alternative?

Order the DL200P professional data logger now on offer for £ 304.66 reduced from £ 438.94 incl. VAT. Or are you interested in an alternative device from the DL200 data logger range? Then take a look around in our Trotec shop!

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