Pollen season is beginning – which early bloomers are already on their way?

Meteorologists know it and allergy sufferers are feeling it already: pollen is back. This year owing to the mild winter it has come particularly early, since that has caused all the vegetation to awaken from its hibernation earlier. And that has meant that pollination has also begun earlier than actually expected – hazel and alder are especially active. Has your reaction to this been hay fever? Then you should know how you can keep out of the way of the early bloomers when you’re at home…

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Trotec adviser: Tips against dry air – and for optimum room air humidity

More and more people suffer from breathing difficulties in winter because the mucous membrane becomes dry in their respiratory tract. The reason for this lies in home heating: although it keeps us nice and warm inside our own four walls, it also entails unhealthily dry air.  But we can help protect our mucous membrane as prevention against against allergies and annoying colds with optimum room air humidification. Our professional tips will help you avoid spending the next few months in too dry a room.

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The NEW AirgoClean air cleaner 10 E – finally available!

Exclusively available from Trotec: the AirgoClean 10 E – switches fresh air on and pollutants off: This professional, reliable, powerful and fully-automatic device cleans the air of allergens such as pollen, animal hair, mould spores, fine dust, bacteria and chemical vapours. In short, it gets rid of everything that disrupts restful sleep during the night and reduces performance during the day. And the best bit: From this week, the guarantor of fresh air is finally available.

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The NEW AirgoClean 10 E air cleaner – provides fresh air and neutralises pollutants!

Did you know that one teaspoonful of bedroom dust contains an average of 1,000 house dust mites and 250,000 tiny mite excrement balls? Furthermore, did you know that carpets absorb up to eight times their own weight in pollutants? And were you aware that furniture, laminate or panels can contain formaldehyde, which is released into the air for decades? These substances in your home are dangerous to your health, and if you want declare war on them, the AirgoClean 10 E air cleaner is the best ally that you could hope for.

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Adviser: “Bad air causes sickness” – Allergens not wanted


There is a commonly held belief that allergies are hereditary. Not so – genetic factors may also play a role, but there is no “allergy gene” that can be inherited. Infections that throw our immune systems off balance, a poor diet, stress, smoking, aggressive plant substances – all of these can provoke an allergic reaction at any time. But the most significant trigger for allergies is thought to be environmental pollution.

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Caution, fine dust! Why only effective air cleaning helps

TAC 1500

Fine dust, which inevitably arises during internal construction in buildings, poses a considerable health risk to both inhabitants and workers alike. This is because if so-called respirable dust makes its way into the respiratory tract and lungs, it is enclosed by connective tissue, making it practically impossible for the particles to exit again. This is followed by chronic sicknesses for the persons affected, such as the much-feared silicosis.
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Renovations in spite of allergies.

AirgoClean105 S

During renovation works materials can be released which cause allergy-related health problems or which worsen other hypersensitivities. As some substances don’t just trigger allergic reactions, but are in fact also damaging to health, all handymen and professional craftsmen should protect themselves during renovation works, not just those who suffer from allergies. Here we’ve complied a whole range of tips to help with this…

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Solutions for the maritime industry


Portable and stationary units for air dehumidification, air purification and heating for shipbuilding and in shipyards: with the equipment it offers, the Trotec Group is also the specialist in this field. For this reason, our staff from Trotec and TKL – the Rental Division – will be attending “Maritime Industry”, the trade fair for shipbuilding and shipping in Gorinchem/Netherlands, from 2 to 4 June 2015. We offer solutions for the maritime industry: individual consultation and the right products in the fields of dehumidification, air purification and measurement technology – for purchase and also for rent. Have a look yourself!

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Is it an allergy or a cold?

Air Cleaner AirgoClean

Runny nose? Watery eyes and an itchy throat? A clear case of a cold! Or perhaps it’s an allergy? After all, spring is the high season for pollen. Well, there is the famous fine distinction – and we’ll gladly reveal it to you. We’d also be pleased to give you our tip for a guaranteed pollen-free home: simply trust in the AirgoClean 105 S!

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Breathe easily

Air Cleaning

Not everybody finds it pleasant when Mother Nature wakes up after the cold winter months. As the trees, shrubs and grass start to flower, so begins an ordeal for many allergy sufferers. Eyes smart, and mucous membranes are irritated.

Some people complain of sneezing and a  continuous runny nose, and they find it hard to breathe. Anyone wishing to protect themselves from airborne pollen within their own four walls, so that they can breathe easily and use the night hours to recover, really needs to have the right equipment at home. And  Trotec’s AirgoClean 105 S Comfort Air Cleaner is the ideal solution.

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