Adviser: “Bad air causes sickness” – Allergens not wanted


There is a commonly held belief that allergies are hereditary. Not so – genetic factors may also play a role, but there is no “allergy gene” that can be inherited. Infections that throw our immune systems off balance, a poor diet, stress, smoking, aggressive plant substances – all of these can provoke an allergic reaction at any time. But the most significant trigger for allergies is thought to be environmental pollution.

The increasing level of air pollution is under particular suspicion. Since everyday we all breathe in fine dust, which gets into our blood via the lungs and impairs the immune system. Of course the people most at risk of developing more allergies as time goes on are those among us who are already allergic to certain substances. But according to experts, allergy sufferers already make up a 30 per cent proportion of the entire population of Europe – almost one in three people are affected.

Here is how you can free your home of harmful fine dust

Therefore for the sake of our own well-being, it is in our interest to at least keep our living spaces as free of unknown allergens as possible, such as animal hairs and pollen, as well as harmful fine dust in particular. For example by using effective air purifiers, such as the AirgoClean 105 S and AirgoClean 205 S, as well as the AW 20 S airwasher from Trotec, all equipped with the highly effective HEPA filter system. With devices like these, allergy sufferers can protect their own home as a final refuge where the air is still pure. And they are also the first choice for people without allergies, so as to not even trigger an allergy that they may have ‘acquired’. And of course you, as someone who suffers from an allergy, can also effectively protect yourself from pollen and house dust …

  • Protection from pollen requires ‘proper ventilation’
    During pollen season in particular, you should only ventilate as much as is necessary and otherwise keep windows and doors closed whenever possible. The best time for ventilating is during or after rainfall, as water bonds together the pollen in the air and on the ground and washes it away. Likewise night and early morning lend themselves to circulating air: the air flow is often calmer, so there is less pollen about.
  • Optimal pollen protection owing to optimal seals
    Check the seals of your windows and doors regularly, as pollen can get into living spaces with the draft air through the smallest of cracks. The draft excluder in the floor area also helps to prevent attacks from particles. Additional protection is provided by pollen filters in front of the windows.
  • Unavoidable mites in every bed
    For people with an allergy to house dust mites, the little creatures are anything but harmless. Mites thrive best in beds, where it is just the right warmth and it is slightly moist, Stiftung Warentest explains, who therefore advise that mattresses should be replaced every seven to ten years for health and hygiene reasons. Allergy sufferers should cover mattresses with allergen-proof mattress protectors, so called encasings. The bedclothes should be washed regularly at a minimum of 60 °C. With a severe allergy it is also worth using allergen-proof intermediary covers.
  • Just don’t make the bed
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to neatly make a bed, since it makes it easier for the mites to survive. The fluid that has accumulated due to sweating during the night does not escape properly under the heaped duvet and the high humidity in the duvet and mattress persists. That is why after getting up you should first of all pull back the duvet and ventilate the bedrooms. The mattress should be uncovered while this is happening, so that the moisture can escape.

With these Trotec devices you can filter allergens out of the air

  • The innovation in both of these high-performance AirgoClean air purifiers lies in the design with two filter systems arranged one behind the other. With this, the air is sucked in through the front side where the activated carbon filter acts as a pre-filter for odours and coarse house dust. Then the especially efficient True HEPA filter catches up to 99.97% of pollen, allergens and mould spores – even particles as small as 0.3 micrometres. The AirgoClean 105 S is ideally suited for rooms up to 30 m² in size, whilst the AirgoClean 205 S is designed for rooms up to 70 m² in size.
  • The AW 20 S  airwasher features a 3-in-1 combi device with a smart combi sensor which also constantly detects, in addition to the relative humidity, the particle load of the air and thus automatically controls the automatic mode for perfectly humidified and purified air. The 3-stage high-performance filtering of AW 20 S effectively eliminates particles, viruses, bacteria, dust and odours from the air, by means of a pre-filter, HEPA filter and the plasma generator.

Clean air – with innovative solutions from Trotec

Find out about all the advantages offered to you by our air quality management system using the air purifiers and the airwasher from Trotec. Also enjoy the benefits of our current deals – in the Trotec shop now!

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