Caution, fine dust! Why only effective air cleaning helps

TAC 1500

Fine dust, which inevitably arises during internal construction in buildings, poses a considerable health risk to both inhabitants and workers alike. This is because if so-called respirable dust makes its way into the respiratory tract and lungs, it is enclosed by connective tissue, making it practically impossible for the particles to exit again. This is followed by chronic sicknesses for the persons affected, such as the much-feared silicosis.

Respirable dust consists of particles that are smaller than five thousandths of a millimetre in size. In order to prevent its entry into the respiratory tract, only one preventative measure does the job: the fine dust has to be filtered from the air in advance. Air cleaners from the TAC series, such as the TAC 1500, are especially designed for the raw day-to-day work on busy construction sites.

The modularly combined filter level technology of the TAC 1500

Here the TAC 1500 serves as an example for the devices of the TAC series to explain how effectively our filter system removes up to 99.995 per cent of the impurities in the air:

  • The cleaning of the polluted room air takes place using vacuum recirculation with which all airborne pollutants are removed and absorbed into the filter elements of the TAC 1500. In this process, the entire working area is subject to negative pressure by means of a dust protecting door – while continuous clean air streams in, the dusty air can no longer leave the room.
  • Using the needs-based combined filter modules of the TAC 1500, an optimal filter chain can be formed for every load level of room air. In doing so, a sensor continuously detects the capacity of the fine dust filter and gives an optical and acoustic alarm as soon as a filter change is required. Thanks to the easily removable inspection panels, any such change can be carried out in seconds.
  • With its HEPA filter, the TAC 1500 is also equipped with the necessary filter for dust class H. Therefore, this professional device is approvable for use for asbestos abatement in accordance with TRGS 519 regulations – here the filter’s terminal position is variably positionable thanks to a vario-shift function. With this equipment, the air cleaner is the optimal solution for air suction and the cleaning of diverse types of polluted work areas, including even hygiene-sensitive areas such as clean room environments – all with one device!

Want to find out more about the professional air cleaner TAC 1500?

The TAC 1500 proves convincing with its reliable, high-performance operating on both building sites and for blasting operations alike, from fire damage and mould clean-ups to clean room applications. Why our professional device is always better – find out more here.

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