Pollen season is beginning – which early bloomers are already on their way?

Meteorologists know it and allergy sufferers are feeling it already: pollen is back. This year owing to the mild winter it has come particularly early, since that has caused all the vegetation to awaken from its hibernation earlier. And that has meant that pollination has also begun earlier than actually expected – hazel and alder are especially active. Has your reaction to this been hay fever? Then you should know how you can keep out of the way of the early bloomers when you’re at home…

Allergy sufferers have been getting that tingling sensation in their nose since we had last week’s mild and sunny weather. With temperatures expected to rise as high as 17 degrees in the next few days, the pollen count is only going to increase further. Hazel and alder are already in bloom, and hazel pollen in particular makes life hard for allergy sufferers. Meteorologists estimate that birch and ash pollen will come into season in late March to early April.

How to reduce the allergy risk when away from home

The temperature and radiation intensity of the sun are critical factors in the pollen count. But beyond that, the plants’ blooming period and the prevalence of pollen also depend on other factors:

  • Time of day: In the countryside the prevalence of pollen is highest early in the morning. In cities it increases most in the evening.
  • Wind force: Pollen likes to float about calmly when the wind is weak. Dead calm greatly benefits the pollen count.
  • Precipitation: More pollen is whirling around during longer dry periods. On the other hand, drizzle generally gives allergy sufferers a breather. However, after a heavy downpour you should keep the doors and windows to the house closed for at least half an hour, since heavy rain causes pollen counts to almost explode. That releases fine allergens that can get into the lungs and seriously aggravate hay fever.

How to eliminate the allergy risk at home

Keeping windows and doors closed all the time to keep out the flood of pollen is no long-term solution. That is why more and more allergy sufferers are turning to the AirgoClean range of professional air purifiers from Trotec, such as the AirgoClean 10 E or the AirgoClean 105 S and 205 S air purifiers.

The AirgoClean 10 E air purifier with compact design purifies the indoor air of pollen reliably, fully automatically and efficiently. In addition it also frees the indoor air of allergens such as animal hair or mould spores, fine dust, bacteria and chemical vapours. Behind its successful design are two particularly powerful filters – which combine to create a highly effective, two-stage indoor air filtration system: a Dacron filter and a HEPA filter. Bringing the two of them together produces a filtration efficiency of 95 % of all pollutants present in the air. An ioniser improves the cleanliness of the air even more. Perfect for rooms of up to 20 m²!

AirgoClean 105 S and AirgoClean 205 S are the branded edition of a multi-award-winning air purifier range tried and tested by millions of people all over the world. Both air purifiers in the AirgoClean range are fitted with active coal True HEPA filter combinations, which guarantee the safe filtration of 99.7 % of all air-borne pollutants up to a size of just 0.3 micrometres. Pollen doesn’t stand a chance!

With a maximum air capacity of 253 m³/h, the AirgoClean 105 S is perfect for rooms up to 85 m³. With a maximum air capacity of 510 m³/h, the AirgoClean 205 S is designed for rooms up to 170 m³. Both have an energy-saving automatic mode, which controls the device with readings from two sensors. One is for dust and the other is for VOC emissions. On top of that there is a practical timer tracking a run time lasting between 1 and 18 hours.

AirgoClean range of Air Purifiers – great-value brand quality from Trotec!

Find out about all of the advantages offered to you by our pollen-free air quality management system with air purifiers from the AirgoClean range from Trotec. You can also take advantage of our current offer prices by getting

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