Pollen season is beginning – which early bloomers are already on their way?

Meteorologists know it and allergy sufferers are feeling it already: pollen is back. This year owing to the mild winter it has come particularly early, since that has caused all the vegetation to awaken from its hibernation earlier. And that has meant that pollination has also begun earlier than actually expected – hazel and alder are especially active. Has your reaction to this been hay fever? Then you should know how you can keep out of the way of the early bloomers when you’re at home…

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NEW PAC 3550 Pro air conditioning unit – finally available!


It all starts now – our PAC 3550 Pro air conditioning unit is finally here and ready for delivery. This new air conditioning unit is the perfect solution for keeping the scorching heat of the impending hot days out of the house. Thanks to its innovative dual-hose technology, you can achieve 25% more efficient cooling with the PAC 3550 Pro than with single-hose air conditioning units – and with a lower power consumption, because the unit belongs to the top energy efficiency class A. Read More

NEW Air conditioning unit PAC 3550 Pro – up to 25% more efficient cooling


Scorching heat collects in rooms when temperatures soon hit the 30 degree Celsius mark only a few days in a row. Ventilation won’t be of any help . You have to lower the temperature with an air conditioner. Thanks to our new PAC 3550 Pro, you can keep a cool head while keeping an eye on costs: Our modern two-hose device achieves 25% more cooling efficiency than single-tube air-conditioning units – and at a lower power consumption. Read More