The NEW AirgoClean air cleaner 10 E – finally available!

Exclusively available from Trotec: the AirgoClean 10 E – switches fresh air on and pollutants off: This professional, reliable, powerful and fully-automatic device cleans the air of allergens such as pollen, animal hair, mould spores, fine dust, bacteria and chemical vapours. In short, it gets rid of everything that disrupts restful sleep during the night and reduces performance during the day. And the best bit: From this week, the guarantor of fresh air is finally available.

Did you know that one teaspoonful of bedroom dust contains an average of 1,000 house dust mites and 250,000 tiny mite excrement balls? That carpets absorb up to eight times their own weight in pollutants? And that furniture, laminate or panels can contain formaldehyde, which is released into the air for decades?

These substances in your home are dangerous to your health, and if you want declare war on them, the AirgoClean 10 E air cleaner for rooms up to 20m² or 50m³ is the best ally that you could hope for. Thanks to its effective cleaning process, the air cleaner works in a very energy efficient manner and, depending on the setting, only uses up to a maximum of 45 watts when in operation. With its highly effective filter system, the AirgoClean 10 E creates a natural room climate as it filters the pollutants out of the air without the use of harmful ozone and then returns only the cleaned air back into the room.

How it works

Behind the successful design of the compact AirgoClean 10 E are two particularly powerful filters – which combine to create a highly effective, two-stage air filtration system: a Dacron filter and a HEPA filter. Thanks to its allergy-neutral synthetic fibre, the Dacron system is perfectly suited to its function as a pre-filter and, in combination with the tried and tested HEPA filter, guarantees a filter efficiency of 95% of all of the pollutants found in the air.

In addition to this, the air cleaner is also fitted with an integrated ioniser, which helps to further improve the quality of the air. This produces negative ions with an antistatic effect, which negatively charge the particles in the air and make them sink to the floor, as they are heavier than the air surrounding them. Once on the floor, they can be easily vacuumed up. This allows for even more effective cleaning of the air and also enriches it with active oxygen.

The fully-automatic device is switched on using the central operating button, with a total of three fan stages available. Its quiet operation ensures undisturbed and, thanks to better air quality, more restful sleep. The simple operation as well as the uncomplicated and quick filter changing are further plus points.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • the two- stage room air filter system with Dacron pre-filter and HEPA filter
  • suitability for fully automatic air cleaning of rooms up to 50 m³
  • the enormous cleaning capacity of up to 135 m³/h
  • the three effective fan stages

AirgoClean 10 E – switches fresh air on and pollutants off!

Order the AirgoClean 10 E today at our current offer price, reduced from £64.28 to just £45.90 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

Start of delivery: This week

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