Measure the air quality and breathe deeply!


Do you know how high the CO2 concentration is in your house? Can you breathe freely and deeply when you come home are do you get tired quickly while sitting on the couch?
How much oxygen and CO2 the room air contains verifiably affects our well-being. Especially indoors it is important to know that the more active we are the oxygen content decreases while the CO2 content increases. When your children romp through your apartment the oxygen content decreases pretty fast. When you cook or even when you are just relaxing on the couch the room climate changes. Therefore, you should – especially for staying healthy – always take care of the optimal indoor climate.

Do you have your own individual comfort temperature?

How can you know what the optimal climate is? That’s pretty easy! With the BZ05 indoor thermo hygrometer. The big display of this room climate station with comfort zone display shows you – besides time and date – the room temperature and the relative humidity because these are the decisive factors for your well-being. Additionally, it shows you the recorded minimum and maximum values.
If the room climate is good a small face on the display shows a smiling face. Otherwise it looks sad or neutral.

How high are the CO2-values?

The BZ25 CO2 air quality meter measures, additionally to room temperature and humidity, the content of carbon dioxide in the air. Because when the value is too high (2,000 ppm and higher) you get tired and inattentive. The BZ25 shows you when it is time to ventilate and it even alarms you when a selectable threshold value is reached. Especially, in your children’s room the air quality meter makes sense. But in the living room as well as in the kitchen it surely is good to know when you should open the window again.
This device, as well, has a small face showing you when the CO2 content is getting too high.

BZ30 – For the documentation of the indoor air quality over longer periods

The BZ30 air quality data logger has every feature the BZ25 has and even a few more. Its large memory can save 50,000 measuring values for autonomous documentation of carbon dioxide concentrations over longer periods. With a USB interface you can transfer the recorded data quickly and easily to your PC and evaluate it with the analysis software. With all the features this combo measuring device of the MultiMeasure Basic series is suitable for architects, experts, specialists and HVAC system engineers and builders. For the short-term self-sufficient use for several hours without external power supply the BZ30 is equipped with a special battery. In contrast to the BZ05 and BZ25 the BZ30, therefore, is also suitable for the short-term mobile use. We will add this air quality data logger for professional use to our range of products soon.

So invest in your productivity. No matter if you use the BZ05, BZ25 or BZ30 your health will show its appreciation. Always keep a close eye on the climate in your own four walls and ventilate regularly.

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