BZ25 CO2 Air Quality Monitor – Improve indoor climate and reduce heating costs

CO2 Air Quality Monitoring Device

A good indoor climate has a positive impact on health and productivity. In contrast, elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide indoors air is the concentration killer number one.

The BZ25 CO2 Air Quality Monitor displays CO2 values, indoor temperature and air humidity at once and signals when and how much a room needs airing – which saves energy and cuts costs. Read More

Enough oxygen – more power


Measure the air quality with the BZ25 CO2 air quality meter and the BZ30 CO2 air quality data logger for a pleasant climate

The climate at work must be good. On the one hand you have to get on well with your colleagues. On the other hand the room climate has to be good as well because we easily get distracted and slow when we don’t get enough oxygen. Often sentences are used like “The weather makes me tired”. Sometimes when there is a sudden drop in temperature or a rise in temperature that’s really the problem. Actually, in most cases it is because we don’t ventilate enough.
Not enough oxygen affects our brain power and, thus, our performance. A long-term lack of oxygen and a surplus of carbon dioxide can even harm your health. A CO2 concentration between 1,000 and 2,000 ppm already is conspicuous, a concentration of more than 2,000 ppm is considered unacceptable. Read More

Measure the air quality and breathe deeply!


Do you know how high the CO2 concentration is in your house? Can you breathe freely and deeply when you come home are do you get tired quickly while sitting on the couch?
How much oxygen and CO2 the room air contains verifiably affects our well-being. Especially indoors it is important to know that the more active we are the oxygen content decreases while the CO2 content increases. When your children romp through your apartment the oxygen content decreases pretty fast. When you cook or even when you are just relaxing on the couch the room climate changes. Therefore, you should – especially for staying healthy – always take care of the optimal indoor climate. Read More

Tips To Survive in the Asphalt Jungle and Improve Your Indoor Climate

Plants in the office improve the indoor climateWhat lengths would you as an employer go to, to ensure that your employees are as motivated and as productive as possible? You could reward them with a company car, which would probably break the bank and become extremely expensive depending on how big the size of your company is. Or you could encourage them to come into work and give their best by giving them more time off work, which may sound like a paradox and it isn’t. Or you could create a climate – not just figuratively-speaking, but literally – which will enable them to focus willingly and happily on their job and perform their task to the best of their abilities and enable them to achieve maximum results. How? Quite simple really. By welcoming them to the jungle.

Plants do not only look nice, they have a proven positive effect on both the human body and people’s psyche. Without even really trying, a plant can not only significantly improve the air around your desk and in your office by converting carbon dioxide, which in higher concentrations can make you feel fatigued and bursting with lethargy, into fresh oxygen, sugar and other so-called waste products, it can also significantly improve your mood and change your entire outlook. And in the right mood and with the right motivation, well, to quote two legendary Motown greats, “there ain’t no mountain high enough” and “no river wide enough” to stop you from performing at your best. Read More

Bookworms Beware!

the right humidity level for books

A good book is more than just a good read (If you find that the book you’re reading is a bad book, then put it down – no, better still toss it aside, because that’s the treatment it deserves. Like a telenovela or a corked wine which do not get any better the longer you watch it or the more you drink of it a bad book does not improve with reading).

A good book is a door to another world. A world sometimes so magical, so enthralling and so different to our own that we cannot wait to pick it up again and eagerly read on, plunging deeper and deeper, losing ourselves in its pages or picking our way meticulously through the weaving narrative or plot. A book can mesmerise and charm you, or it can captivate and revolt you. It can change your life forever or become a warm memory and an old friend. Books can be beautifully written, beautifully bound and beautifully illustrated. They can be inspiring or disheartening; they can be so funny and so sad that they make you cry. Books are mirrors of society and mirrors of souls. And they are proof of the power of the written word.

Which raises the question: “Where’s the best place to keep your books?” Read More