Listen to this everyone!


Train wheelsets need to be inspected regularly, since they have to be absolutely safe. Cracks in the wheels or damaged axles can lead to dangerous accidents.

Listen in to the wheelset material – with Trotec’s LD6000 Combination Detector. The acoustic signals will tell you where there are weaknesses in the material, and you can repair the damage quickly and easily. An inexpensive inspection that you can carry out whenever you wish! Make the most of the cutting edge technology in the LD6000 frequency analysis set. It will ensure that you are always on the safe side with your logistics.
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LD6000 PTS Acoustic Tube Probe – Now in Stock!

Acoustic Tube Probe LD6000 PTS

Burst pipe! Water damage! Before the repair can take place, the exact location of the breakage must be established in order to address the question of cost: is it on the owner’s property, or on the side of the water supplier network? This is a job for our acoustic tube probe LD6000 PTS  – for direct leakage detection in pressurized water pipelines.

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NEW Stainless Steel Flue Gas Chamber –the value leakage detection tool

Flue gas chamber

Trotec has always produced a good-value flue gas chamber. Now we have redesigned this product: the new stainless steel flue gas chamber is fitted with a removable wire basket making the whole chamber easier to clean. Of course, the tried and tested principle of blowing special smoke generated by a flue gas cartridge into the insulation layer remains unchanged.

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Tracing the leak

Leak detection LD 6000

Gas and water suppliers in particular must ensure that their lines are in good condition at all times. If gas or water escapes once at a point in the line, this can lead to a time and cost-intensive fault, regardless of whether there is a potential health risk. However, the capital damage can also be devastating.

It is therefore vital to trace the leak as quickly as possible so that the damaged spot can be properly repaired – in the worst case scenario, anything else could be interpreted as negligence on your part. Make sure that nothing gets damaged and get a reliable partner on your side: the L6000 combi detector from Trotec.

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Are they all tight?


Occupational safety is a major issue in all companies. An important element of this, alongside compliance with specific regulations, is protective equipment. Being responsible for this, you must constantly keep an eye out to ensure protective equipment is always complete and available for your employees. Above all, this equipment must be in immaculate condition. Don’t take any chances and have protective clothing regularly checked for leaks. With the LD6000 measuring device from Trotec you will be 100% on the safe side.

Are they all tight?

Protective clothing must be leak-proof. In fact, it must be 100% leak-proof. Because lives can depend on it. Just one single weak point, however small it may be, presents a risk to the employee. Read More

NEW 15F UV Torchlight – four times more powerful than the previous model

Torch light

The new 15 F UV Torchlight: it looks identical to the previous model, the 10F, and is just as usable, but it produces up to four times more powerful light emission. The lightweight luminance detector delivers the maximum UVA power as soon as it is turned on and is therefore extremely well suited for rapid use in inspection work – for example when locating leaks in buildings, for certain areas of forensics or for the non-destructive testing of materials in industry.

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The new LD6000 Combi- Detector– checks life jackets for tightness


If it’s a magnificent cruise ship in distress on the open sea, a stricken excursion boat on a river or a smart pleasure boat on a lake which has suffered a shipping accident – a functioning or a faulty life jacket can make the difference between life and death. Authorised companies now use the LD6000 Combi- Detector to check for leaks – because even the smallest leak can pose serious risks.

The lightweight, powerful and handy LD6000 combi measuring device quickly and accurately locates leaks, saving considerable time and money. Read More

Marking Agent Uranin on special offer


Even the smallest quantities of Uranin, when diluted in water, have an enormous colouring capacity. Less than 1 g Uranin is enough to turn 1000 l of water fluorescent green. Around 500 g of Uranin could intensely colour sea areas of approximately 4000 m2 . And as a fluorescent dye, Uranin is highly suitable for rendering leakage points visible in leaking waste water pipes, on flat roofs and in humid cellars, or for testing of leaks in walls, pipes or tank systems.

This is how it works

Concentrated Uranin solutions are dark red and do not fluoresce. Since it was discovered 100 years ago that, when diluted, even the smallest quantities of this artificially produced substance could colour the largest volumes of water fluorescent green, the substance has been used, as still is until today, as a marking agent to investigate subterranean water currents. And also, of course, for locating leakages! Read More