NEW Stainless Steel Flue Gas Chamber –the value leakage detection tool

Flue gas chamber

Trotec has always produced a good-value flue gas chamber. Now we have redesigned this product: the new stainless steel flue gas chamber is fitted with a removable wire basket making the whole chamber easier to clean. Of course, the tried and tested principle of blowing special smoke generated by a flue gas cartridge into the insulation layer remains unchanged.

This is how it works

The advantage of the flue gas method lies in its extremely simple and fast application. Because using a flue gas chamber is always the choice option when installing a ring line or adequately wetting the sealing sheet is too costly or not at all possible. And cleaning the whole chamber is now just as quick, thanks to the removable wire basket.

In addition, the optionally available adjustable seal cover ensures the chamber is permanently sealed. The flue gas cartridges, which are also available for delivery as an accessory, burn for 80 seconds and produce either thick white or red smoke.

Track down the leak without breaking the bank!

Really simple, quick to use and quick to clean:

Order the Stainless Steel Flue Gas Chamber for just £85.23 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop! Or order as a package with 5 gas cartridges for just £28.12 incl. VAT, or as a package with 10 gas cartridges for only £48.23 incl. VAT.

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