NEW UV-Torchlight 15F – available at last


The new UV-Torchlight 15F! This cutting edge tracer detector is available now – only from Trotec! And if you like, it can be on its way to you within hours. Here are the arguments for your personal wish list …

This lightweight torch provides maximum UV-A performance immediately after switch-on. This makes the device ideal for quick inspections, for example locating leaks in structures and non-destructive materials testing in industry. Even minor tracers are clearly visible in the daylight because, thanks to the high spotlight radiation intensity of the UV-Torchlight 15F, a high fluorescence excitation can be achieved.

This is how it works

These comparative figures highlight this tracer detector’s superiority: for example, the radiation intensity of the previous 10F model at a radiation cone diameter of 100 mm was around 5,800 µW/cm². The new Torchlight 15F exceeds this value four-fold: at the same diameter, it achieves a strength of 22,560 µW/cm² (at a distance of 38 cm in each case).

The UV-Torchlight 15F also has an integrated focus ring which enables you to control the radiation cone very flexibly – a huge advantage over conventional UV torches. The strength of light is continuously variable, meaning it can be adjusted to perfectly suit your task – from a spotlight with maximum fluorescence excitation to a floodlight for quickly inspecting large areas – by simply turning the focussing ring.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • Four times greater radiation intensity than the previous model
  • the continuously variable focussing of the UVA light cone from spotlight to floodlight
  • the light weight of roughly only 230g including batteries
  • the high-quality casing made from anodised aluminium

Put it at the top of your wish list: the UV-Torchlight 15F

Give yourself a little treat: Order the new UV-Torchlight 15F for just £ 148.26 incl. VAT instead of £ 202.95 – in our Trotec shop now!


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