Are they all tight?


Occupational safety is a major issue in all companies. An important element of this, alongside compliance with specific regulations, is protective equipment. Being responsible for this, you must constantly keep an eye out to ensure protective equipment is always complete and available for your employees. Above all, this equipment must be in immaculate condition. Don’t take any chances and have protective clothing regularly checked for leaks. With the LD6000 measuring device from Trotec you will be 100% on the safe side.

Are they all tight?

Protective clothing must be leak-proof. In fact, it must be 100% leak-proof. Because lives can depend on it. Just one single weak point, however small it may be, presents a risk to the employee. When dealing with certain chemicals, wearing protective clothing is a must. And even more so when used in the fight against epidemics! In any case, protective clothing must be tested meticulously and found to be leak-proof before use. If bacteria, viruses or dangerous substances get through the material, there is no going back. Every safety check should run efficiently, promptly, and completely reliably. We’ll help you with that – with the LD6000 Combi Detector from the Trotec measuring device product range.

A leakage detection professional

The LD6000 combination measuring device was originally developed to locate fine and even finer leakages in pipelines. The principle couldn’t be simpler and is at the same time highly effective: a gas mixture consisting of hydrogen and nitrogen is released within the protective clothing. Here it should be noted that hydrogen is not only the most effective, but also the most economical of all trace gases, and when thinned using nitrogen, it is also completely safe. The trace gas mixture gets through any leaks and is detected immediately by highly sensitive sensors. The measuring device gives off a warning noise and you know straight away that something is not right with the protective clothing. The LD6000 is so safe and reliable, because during the leak test, the detector reacts to the gas mixture extremely quickly. In less than a second the sensors discover the leaking test gas and sound the alarm.
An additional advantage: The LD6000 Combi Detector is not only suitable for use with trace gas, but works just as well with the analysis of sound waves and is therefore also an expert in detecting acoustic leakages. Thanks to its high-quality aluminium casing, the measuring device is also dust and splash-proof. It is handy and weighs just a kilogram. Meaning the LD6000 is also ideally suited to mobile use on ships or in the field. Secure your own LD6000 combination detector from Trotec now – at an unbeatably good price.

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