NEW 15F UV Torchlight – four times more powerful than the previous model

Torch light

The new 15 F UV Torchlight: it looks identical to the previous model, the 10F, and is just as usable, but it produces up to four times more powerful light emission. The lightweight luminance detector delivers the maximum UVA power as soon as it is turned on and is therefore extremely well suited for rapid use in inspection work – for example when locating leaks in buildings, for certain areas of forensics or for the non-destructive testing of materials in industry.

The 15F UV Torchlight offers you a great deal of flexibility and also boasts new, considerably stronger performance features: For example, the strength of light emission produced by the old 10F was 5,800 µW/cm² with a light cone diameter of 100 mm, but with the same diameter, the new 15 F torchlight generates 22,560 µW/cm² (each measured at a distance of 38 cm). This outstandingly high strength of light emission achieves a high level of fluorescence excitation, meaning even in daylight, the slightest traces of luminance are visible.

This is how it works

This new ultra-compact luminance detector provides the maximum power immediately after it is switched on – an advantage when inspecting hard-to-reach areas. And unlike conventional UV torches, the 15F UV Torchlight includes an integrated focussing ring which allows you to flexibly alter the size of the light cone. The strength of light is continuously variable, meaning it can be adjusted to perfectly suit your task – from a spotlight with maximum fluorescence excitation to a floodlight for quickly inspecting large areas – by simply turning the focussing ring.

Four of many benefits which I like the most:

  • the very high spotlight emission strength
  • the continuously variable focussing of the UVA light cone from spotlight to floodlight
  • the light weight of roughly only 230g including batteries
  • the high-quality casing made from anodised aluminium

The new 15F Torchlight – ultra-compact and universally usable

Order the top-of-the-range UVA luminance detector: the 15F Torchlight for just € 169.94 reduced from € 232.05 incl. VAT – available now in the Trotec shop!

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